View Full Version : Splinter Cell or Getaway

Tomb Raider Fan
18th Mar 2003, 17:17
I have been wanting these games for a while now and wondered which one 2 get. I aint got enough money for both cos am skint......:)

Which one is best?

18th Mar 2003, 17:47
Splinter Cell is the best stealth game of the 2, and Getaway is the best Grand Theft Auto rip-off of the 2.

Depends what you fancy?

I'd back Splinter Cell...

18th Mar 2003, 18:26
I don't have either yet, but Splinter Cell is on my list. I'd buy it twice before I bought The Getaway.

19th Mar 2003, 01:24
I'm with TDC. I haven't play either, but will get Splinter Cell since I need some more MGS2 action. I played the demo on xbox at compusa and the gameplay and graphics were amazing. The PS2 version is just as good! I am going to get it.

Tomb Raider Fan
19th Mar 2003, 19:37
Looks like i wil be spending my money on Splinter Cell then :D

The Godfather
20th Mar 2003, 12:42
I bought it a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is ... it's a wham-bam-thank you ma'am-game!! :cool: :D

Tomb Raider Fan
20th Mar 2003, 21:11
Splinter Cell it is then!

21st Mar 2003, 05:37
splinter cell

23rd Mar 2003, 02:29
I'm not really that impressed with Splinter Cell. The AI is predictable and it is very linear so sometimes it feels like it's about figuring out the path the developer intended. It isn't really the edge of your seat experience that people claim, mostly tip-toeing around stupid AI. That, and I ran into a bug that's made me put down the game, maybe for good. Splinter Cell's site says the PC update fixes the bug, but same thing is happening. Their forum has a ton of people requesting save games past that point, one "give your email address if you need a save game" thread has over 170 replies.

23rd Mar 2003, 09:33
It is linear to a degree - as in there is one ultimate goal - but having played through it twice now there are different ways of reaching that goal.

The AI is a bit variable...in some areas it is slack, and in others extremely keen....depending on whether they are civilians or guards.

And it gets harder the further you progress into the game.

Tomb Raider Fan
23rd Mar 2003, 14:51
What is Splinter Cell all about anyway? I wanted it because i love the kind os stealth game, like metal gear solid and syphon filter. It looks so good. Is there an actual story to it or is it a just a man sneaking around and playing hide and seek?

23rd Mar 2003, 14:59
It has a story all right...as you would expect with it coming from the Tom Clancy stable (Patriot Games/Hunt For Red October etc.)

Its not as surreal or preachy as MGS, and involves a global hunt for terrorists and nuclear weapons....I won't say anymore for fear of spoiling some of the twists and turns along the way.

Tomb Raider Fan
23rd Mar 2003, 20:03
Sounds cool!

The Godfather
25th Mar 2003, 12:35
Originally posted by DaveJ
It is linear to a degree - as in there is one ultimate goal - but having played through it twice now there are different ways of reaching that goal.

Since you did it play twice already, can you tell me whether I stil have a long way to go or not? Don't get me wrong though, I looove this game and I hope I still have a very, very, very long way to go, but I'm afraid that I've nearly reached the ending. I have just seen Nicolaedze for the very first time and I'm now looking for those American citizens hold hostage. Please tell me that it isn't quite over yet ... :(

Thanks for a (quick) reply, my friend! :)

25th Mar 2003, 12:41
You are past the half way mark.

The Godfather
25th Mar 2003, 20:19
Originally posted by DaveJ
You are past the half way mark.

Phew, so I still have got a pretty long way to go, huh? Is it longer than Max Payne (which was considered by many a pretty short videogame?) :confused: