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18th Mar 2003, 16:55
First, a zip file that previously worked (and works just fine on my darkloader if the file is already on my puter) no longer works. If I download the file from my site, and attempt to play it I receive "invalid zip structure" errors. This is odd as I haven't changed a durned thing and the file worked fine yesterday. Now if I use the file that is already on my puter, it works perfect in DarkLoader. What could cause this? Someone mentioned my .gam file, so I changed it (and that could have been the problem), and uploaded it. (But my site has exceeded it's allotted transfer number, so I must wait to test it out.) In the meantime, can someone explain to me how this could happen? I zipped it correctly, I'm positive.

Second, I put an objnames.str in my mission. In it, I put my objnames below the segment that says ;Thief2. I tried putting them on the top area, but it didn't work. Anyway, let's say I have A sword guard that I want to name Guard Motley. I put in my objnames.str Name_A sword guard: "Guard Motley"

Then, in the props of my guard, I added Inv->Object name->A sword guard.

Is this incorrect, because now I just have objects with no name at all...:confused:

18th Mar 2003, 23:26
Most likely your file was either corrupted when uploading or downloading. Free sites can be bad sometimes.

Upload it to Jason's Cheap Mission site, you can just upload via FTP (he's got an explanation posted), it seems alot more stable than other methods. Then just send him an e-mail when its done and he'll post it and give you an address to distribute to the testers.

I just did 2 3 hour uploads there in the last couple weeks (using 28 K) and both files were fine.

I can't remember the exact way to word the type in objnames.str but make sure you have " after the name, not having that could be blocking the rest.

19th Mar 2003, 01:20
If you aren't making a multi-lingual FM..
You don't need to have the objnames.str file.
For each custom named object..do the following
ADD>Inventory>Object Name
In the window that comes up type
Name_nn: "New object Name"
That's it..change nn to something you'l remember and New Object Name to the objects name of course..

19th Mar 2003, 23:43
Okay, the zip issue (this is for future references) had to do with the fact that I zipped it backwards (I think), and had the wrong gamesys in the zip. In Komag's tut, he says to make a box around the files you are zipping - I was using select all to do it. When I did the box around them, they zipped in a completely different structure. It alerted a deja vu response where I wondered if I'd discovered that before.

The thing about object names works great! Thanks!

One thing that I feel should be stressed. I did it four ways and only one way worked

Inventory --> Object Name --> Name_AMechSwordGuard:"Guard Trenton"
(this is an example)

It only worked when I made certain there were no spaces in AMechSwordGuard part, and that there was no space between the colon and the quotes. And I had to use the quotes or else I got nothing. I tried it all the other suggested ways and it didn't work. I don't see how one space can make such a big difference, but it does on my Dromed.

I just thought I'd post this so others would know if they have the same sort of problem. Thanks for the help :D