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18th Mar 2003, 13:38
I'm still stucked by the very challenging scenario "Who dares win" during Vercingetorix's rebellion.

I restarted and made the utmost efforts to collect all allied troops and roman reinforcements without enduring serious losses : 621 troops at my disposal, 77 losses in the process, 609 casualties inflicted to the Gauls (including a squad of furious berserkers and 2 squads of german cavalry), 24 honor points!!!!!!!!!

I was therefore confident before assaulting the enemy village at the center of the map. Result : crushed once more by endless waves of Gauls.

With this number of troops at my disposal (621/500), I think this is useless to occupy the allied village in order to raise more troops...

I'm losing hope. Can someone who succeded in this scenario grant me some advices ?


18th Mar 2003, 18:39
i am also stuck right there with exactly the same problem. can anyone help with a strategy?


18th Mar 2003, 19:20
hmm... I thought this one was quite simple, maybe I was just lucky. Anyway, here's how I did it :

South of the village, you have a corridor, with an elevated terrain on the right. Put all your archers there, with one catapult. Deploy, legions turtled on the front, keep your cavalry way behind, keep the warriors behind the legions.
Use your mounted archers to bait enemy pikemen in your trap. if you are lucky, just a few pikemen and noblemen will follow your mounted archers. Dispatch them quickly while they are trying to whack your turtles (put your turtles on hold).
Repeat the manoeuver to lure more enemy troops on your legions, use your cavalry to clean up the remaining enemy archers.
I lost about 1 legion, and 1 warrior in the process.


20th Mar 2003, 09:02
I made it !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Loki for the right strategy. With a village, I was able to overun the rest of Vercingetorix's forces.

21st Mar 2003, 17:35
still stuck :-( everytime i bait the enemy i get ALL of them attacking me. they keep on coming in waves and waves.

are there any other sugestions?

23rd Mar 2003, 22:13

I am still stuck on this one - any further help?


24th Mar 2003, 07:47
Follow the general pattern of Loki when you prepare for battle. Personnally, I set 1 catapult and mounted archers on the elevated terrain. Place your troops between the frozen lake and the elevated terrain, well behind towers full of archers + one more catapult behind the troops. Refrain from pursuing the enemy too much. Use your 2 medics to regain strength between gallic assaults........and finally, pray Mars the god of war.

Salmonicus Delicius
24th Mar 2003, 23:32
This is the one with the ally who will join you? Should we be setting ourselves up by his city? Also, is it better to destroy the cities outright? Or try to capture and hold them? Because if this is the mission I am thinking of, I alweays end up by the middle city, either take or destroy it, and then get wallopped on the way to the city in the upper right corner.

25th Mar 2003, 13:14
Originally posted by Salmonicus Delicius
This is the one with the ally who will join you? Should we be setting ourselves up by his city?

No. Don't bother with his city, it's too well defended.

Also, is it better to destroy the cities outright? Or try to capture and hold them? Because if this is the mission I am thinking of, I alweays end up by the middle city, either take or destroy it, and then get wallopped on the way to the city in the upper right corner.
Destroy the middle city. Then, gather your forces and go for the second enemy city, which is a lot easier to destroy, since you can set it on fire from far away.


Salmonicus Delicius
25th Mar 2003, 20:57
Wait, the purple one? He is an ally. So I should ignore him completely?

26th Mar 2003, 10:58
Yes, my point was not very clear : go for the enemy city in the middle of the map first, it's by far the most well defended.
Then, go for the second enemy city west of the map. Do not try to reach your ally city northeast, it's not worth it.
The second enemy city should fall with a couple of archer units and a couple of equites to defend them.


26th Mar 2003, 11:03
Try first to capture the city in the middle of the map with the strategy explained previoulsy. With that base, you'll be able to rebuild your depleted forces after the gruelling battle.

After that, for my part, I collected the allied troops in the woods just on the south east of the second enemy village. Then, I dispatched a part of my forces to convert the allied village.

capture the elevated terrain just on the south east of the allied village with your legionaires, send some foot archers and auxiliary to build a catapult there to harass the enemy troops surrounding the allied village. Once provoked, they will meet your legionaires placed south of the allied village. It's a good idea too to send the allied chief to convert troops in his range.

Keep some of your troops to protect your base cause you will be subject to sporadic attacks from the east and south.

The rest is a child's game .


26th Mar 2003, 12:04
I first started with taking out each troops one by one of the enemy by scouting the environment with wolf & hawk scout. Then I went to the purple leader so I would have an ally, and went to some other allies spread around the map. After I 'cleaned' the forest I went to high terrain (probably the same loki is talking about). I've putted my men like this (http://home.pi.be/~turkyen5/tip.jpg). And after almost his entire army was destroyed I went to get my Roman reinforcements. I first waited for that because of the german cavalry and berserkers waiting there. I first took the village in the middle, then the village on the left and the last one on the right. Finished the mission with 17 losses and 1670 kills :)

26th Mar 2003, 13:36
You can work your way up the right edge careully and slowly to get your reinforcements without much trouble. Use the high ground to your advange. I managed to get the troops with just 4 equine losses total.

Does anyone know what works well against the German horse units, they are just plain nasty! This was with a size 3 leader unit adding the defensive bonus, seems insanely damaging...

5th Apr 2003, 20:06

Have tried all the above on this damn mission and am still stuck :-(
Has anyone any screenshots on how they have done this. I know I am sounding really really thick here, but can someone give me a really basic walthrough on this one. Been stuck on it for the last three weeks!!!!!

Please please help!


p.s. - If you have any screenshots you wanna share - you can email them to me on Alancane@aol.com :)

5th Apr 2003, 21:11
Slowly work your way up the very right edge towards your bonus troops. You can get there without loosing anything. Basically step from high ground to high ground with your archers, and pull the enemy to you with your scouts.

The german cavalry require you to actually attack them with your own cavalry to not suffer massive losses. Use the leader who steals stamina in the attack to deplete their charge ability.

Now spread out slowly, continue across the top edge to get some extra units.

Once you get to the tower, you have gone as far as you can up top, back off and come back down to where you started and work across now.

By the time you get to the high ground by the first city, you should have almost every single unit available on the map under your command and can now mop up.

Don't worry about having a city to recruit, as you will already have far more units then you can actually command.

One absolutely key point! Keep all your command units in each fight so they gain levels as soon as possible. The bonus to attack and defence provided to a level 4 unit is fantastic!

6th Apr 2003, 03:06
I was playing on Easy, so it wasn't too bad. ;) I managed to take out the enemy troops in the centre town with an all-out fight, then built up some towers to hold off any enemy coming from the west. Set up some archers in the forest and have them target the pikemen so you can send your horsemen in without risk. You'll probably lose a lot of troops, so recruit some powerful ones from the town (Praetorians are good). Then I went up north and took control of the top town. All that was left was to converge on the last enemy town and destroy it.

6th Apr 2003, 07:25
I have read these posts, I have posted my troops the way I THOUGHT it was described, but my 3 turtled legions get hacked and shot to death and then the enemy swings around my rear and eventually attacks up the slope behind the rise.

As another poster requested, any screenshots of the positioning of troops for the assault on the middle town would be appreciated.

I just find that there are endless waves of enemies.

I tried the right side climb before I started reading these posts. Boy I just don't see how you could possibly win without a city, but Lucan is just flooded if you try to take it...eep.

6th Apr 2003, 16:49
Hi Dramaticus

Have you completed yet - me...... I still cant do the damn thing, have restarted so many times, I think I will give up!


6th Apr 2003, 20:05
No, I have not finished yet. I posted just last night and I have enough of a life to keep me from it. And I am not sorry, altogether. I really need a break from it. I am tempted to just go to Easy and see what I can do. But that may also wait, I am burned out enough on it right now.

Now that I have run through it to a certain point a few times it is tiresome to keep at it.

6th Apr 2003, 21:07
Damn - I was playing on easy!!!! Oh well :confused:

6th Apr 2003, 21:26
You mean the "easy" setting ain't? Geez, well originally I ALMOST captured the center village through a different strategy (going up what I think is a different passage from the one mentioned in the other posts (it is to the southeast of the village, not directly below it), but I lacked a couple of necessary components - a centurion that would enter the village (the heroes don't do it in this scenario) and a wolf scout (actually, the wolf scout just stopped working at a certain point, probably a bug, but a major one (it left me blind, in effect)).

I may try THAT route again. Maybe I will end up with a "new" winning strategy. This other passage is really more of a hill, with approaches from back and front. Hmmm....

6th May 2003, 15:29
please let us unlock the missions -- give us the code (like some games where you type in a code word that lets you declare victory and just go to the next mission)

i am so stuck on mission 18 that the game is no longer fun...and i truly enjoyed it and recommended it to my friends...but have to reasses that now, as i believe this mission is just too hard and too frustrating (there are just waaay too many gauls and they move so fast that i can not build defenses or react and clik in time...no matter what i do

i need to get past this mission so i can continue having fun with what was, until this mission, a wonderful game.

have spent as much time on this mission as on the last six -- and am no longer having fun --- so frustrating that i can not play the game because it will not let me move on past this....i just want to play the game....

how can i leap over this and go on to playing mission 19 etc.

i tried the trainer, but the trainer keeps dumping me out of the game and back to the desktop. am i doing something wrong?

is there another, simpler in-game cheat to leap over levels?

I saw a notation about changing a user file, but i could not find that file anywhere....or instructions about where exactly to make the change.

I loved this game until last week -- when i got stuck on mission 18; played it over and over again, tried many, many strategies, even tried the ones others recommended and just can not get through it. Many other scenarios were challenging, but this one is just too frustrating and is no longer fun...i am no longer enjoying the game.

(I did not use the cheats to win any of those levels)

I want to keep playing praetorians, so i need to find a way to leap over this mission onto the next one

I do not normally use or like cheats, but there are just some times that you have to use one to end the pain and get on with having fun....this is one of those times.....

6th May 2003, 15:39
Man I am with you, it has gotten so frustrating that I am about to wipe it off the hard drive, I have started over so many times I have forgotten which strategy I used and on which try.

The game just sends wave after wave until I have nothing left, I manage to get them down to a few, but once they locate you, they seem to send reinforcements from the two towns until you have nothing left. and with no means of creating new troops you are sol.

6th May 2003, 17:45
some of the other missions were difficult, but all seemed solveable after a few tries.

this one is a "game-breaker" -- if some people can win at it, fine, but i can't, even using their strategies --

so the game should just let me admit defeat, and play on with another scenario.....

but for that i need a code from eidos..