View Full Version : Just got this game and already need help

18th Mar 2003, 09:06
Well, I recently had the game sent to me by mail after playing the demo, and I find that mission 2 is extremely hard. I get about 70 people cured before the death toll skyrockets. It isn't anything to do with unskilled greys, and I have 2 working hospitals. What am I doing wrong?

18th Mar 2003, 11:39
Don't hire un-skilled Greys, that's a no-no. Instead, hire Greys with two skill and one dedication. If you can't, hire ones with at least two skill. Any less, and their patients die.

And Make sure to have two sickbays that will seat up to five people, two Diagnosis Machines, and two Dispensers. Try not to make them any bigger then that, as it will cost you money. Make sure to have a Love-Nest that will fit three Sirens and five occupants (Although the optimal is four Sirens and eight occupants), a disco, and a Star-Motel. Anything else must be profitable, or don't bother building it. And make sure to buy Trash Collectors from Arona Daal and place those next to General Stores, Lavo-Trons and Din-o-Mats. And make sure you have at least two scuzzers who's full time duty is cleaning up trash. If you can afford to half way through the criteria, build a Recycler and hire four Salt-Hogs.

18th Mar 2003, 12:19
I'm not sure if you're able to get a disco on that level...

Ok, I'll try your advice, thank you for helping me with it.

P.S. I just played a sandbox round to see if it would help with level 2, and I ended up blasting the enemies energy collecter.