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17th Mar 2003, 22:35
hey there im a media student and im thinking of writing a paper on audience pleasures regarding videogames. you can help me out by telling me...

1.why you like games
2.how many hours you play per week
5.Social Status
A = Bis Exec
B = Professional (teacher/lawyer ect)
C1 = Skilled Office Worker
C2 = Skilled Manual
D = Unskilled Manual
E = Unemployed
S = Student (Primary/Secondary)


17th Mar 2003, 23:41
1.Because they are fun, challenging and relaxing (although there are those moments when you just want to pick up your computer screen and throw it against the wall... or is that just me)
2.i don't know.... 10

17th Mar 2003, 23:50
1.For entertainment value that they bring, I see them as an upgrade on the modern book (Although I still read unlike some teens).

2.Maybe 20 tops (big FPS online player)
5.Student (Secondary, grade 12)

18th Mar 2003, 00:03
1 - Hmm, i play games because it's a way to relax, and you can actualy learn something with them (ok some of them :p :D )
2 - I would say more or less 48 hours
3 - Male
4 - 18
5 - Student

Oh and btw Violator, which online games do you play?

18th Mar 2003, 00:44
1. I enjoy the idea of an interactive virtual pastime.

2. Close to 10 I'd say. More if I have to write a review or an editorial on it.

3. Male

4. 22 (in a few weeks that is)

5. Professional Web Designer and Artist (fine and graphic)

18th Mar 2003, 01:55
Why do you like games?

I see games as a form of escapism.

How many hours you play per week?

It varies, though I'd guess-timate that I play about thirty hours per week...

Are you Male or Female?

I'm Male.

What's your age?

I'm twenty years old.

What's your social status?

I'm currently employed in a high-street store, and I am planning on becoming a student again this year...

Umah Bloodomen
18th Mar 2003, 02:50
1.why you like games

I find them to be a constructive way to spend some of my free time.

2.how many hours you play per week

About 10-20 per week lately. I have been known to do 40 + though, game depending of course. Gotta love being an insomniac.


Femme Fatale


23. I will be 24 in a little over 6 months.

5.Social Status

I currently work as an independent web developer, graphic designer and restaurant manager. I also am a college freshman majoring in BISM.

18th Mar 2003, 02:59
1. I like to play games because its like reading a book, except you get to control and interact with the story (depending on the type of game) and its also a good form of relaxation.

2. On average i play about 10-12 hours a week, more if there's no school.

3. Male

4. 16

5. Student

18th Mar 2003, 10:14
1.) Mostly for relaxation.

2.) Probably about 20 hours a week.

3.) Female

4.) 24.5 http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/wayfarer/winkltblu.gif

5.) B

Omega One
18th Mar 2003, 12:45
1. I like games because I wouldn't have anything else to do. I also like them (LoK especially) because I learn new 'longer' words to expand my vocab ;)

2. Recently, none. I haven't touched my PS2 in over 2 weeks, and my PC version of SR1 for a little over a week. I have been known to play virutally all day everyday (with only an hour for sleep...).

3. Male (I was going to insert a little joke, but I decided against it).

4. 18.

5. Student.

Duckman Drake
18th Mar 2003, 13:49
1. Relaxation, mental stimulation, stress reduction, compelling stories and/or addictive gameplay.

2. Between 20 and 30 hours per week.

3. Mallard (part Canadian Goose, on my mother's side) LOL, seriously, male.

4. Will be 25 in June

5. (hangs head) Dead-end job in overnight grocery stocking. Moonlighting as a freelance writer (true passion).

18th Mar 2003, 18:16
1) They relieve the stress of day to day life and give me a chance to express my anger in a semi constructive way

2) About nine or ten a week on adverage

3) Female

4) *sings* I am sixteen going on seventeen

5) Secondary student

18th Mar 2003, 18:35
1. Like most people I see it as a form of relaxation and because they're just plain fun ;), furthermore it's a great source for inspiration (just like books).

2. Somewhere between 10 to 15 hours, depends on how much work I have to do :D

3. Male

4. 22

5. I'm a "professional" 3d modeller, 3d animator, concept artist (almost) and texture artist for a game company. So that would be catagory B???

Munin the Raven
18th Mar 2003, 20:37
Be sure to distinguish between console games and computer games when you discuss video games. The media and people in general tend to lump to two categories together despite the large differences betwen the two mediums and their audiences.

Also be sure to check out the Interactive Digital Software Association for some good statistics about gamers (in the "Media Center" section). The gender and age differences between console and computer gamers should provide a lot of material for a paper:

19th Mar 2003, 00:54
1. Video(console games-not a PC gamer) games are an enjoyable, compact way of experiencing things I would not otherwise be able to do (I tend towards fantasy/adventure/some violence but heavy story line games); also, as I am a primary caregiver for a very disabled person, I don't get the chance to be out and about much...
2. About 10-15---darn you Animal Crossing! I don't really like to play too much at a time, as I get all stiff.
3. Female
4. 24-25 in September, and already freaking, thank you!
5. C1