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17th Mar 2003, 21:39
I am in the Strut D Sediment Pool area as Raiden. Right when I enter the room there is C-4 some where. I can't seem to find it from where I am standing. It must be below me. How do I get below without getting caught. How do I get to the other side without getting caught?

18th Mar 2003, 08:31
The same way you get through the rest of the game:


Also look for floor panel doors that will open. Keep that coolant handy!

18th Mar 2003, 18:24
When hanging from a ledge, you can drop and grab the ledge below if it lines up. It's a very difficult move and requires precise timing, but it may be your only way out in a pinch.

It will also help to have done some pull-ups and strengthened Raiden's grip.

19th Mar 2003, 01:25
and how do I do pull-ups?

19th Mar 2003, 08:39
Hang on a ledge and stay there. When you are about to drop, pull yourself up.

Do this a few times and your ability in this area improves.

19th Mar 2003, 14:50
I haven't done it in a while, but this is how I think it worked on PS2:

Hang on a ledge, then start pressing and holding either the L1+R1 or the L2+R2 buttons. Snake/Raiden will hoist himself up so he can peer over the ledge. (Be careful because he can also be seen if a guard passes by when he does this, which is why I would usually clear an area before starting.) Release the shoulder buttons until he hangs with arms extended, then repeat as many times as you can before the grip meter runs out, pull back up, drop and hang again, and continue. Once you've done it enough times (close to 100 pulls), the grip meter will go up to level 2, then 3. It takes a while, though. You will get a CODEC call to congratulate you.

I'll look around to see if I can verify my info.