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17th Mar 2003, 20:08
Finally got the chance to paly the demo! its a good game very good game in fact, theres more strategy in it than any other game ive played in the genre!
it was great i actually lost the mission the first 2 times-this doesnt usually happen unless its on a v.difficult setting or incredibly on sided.

There was this great bit when im about to descend on the last town having crossed the river, i had 3 legions, 2 auxillary infantry, 2 auxillary archers, 16 praetorians, 2 noblemen calvary and etiquity (roman calvary i guess), anyway i put teh archers on the hill with a legion behind them (reserves) 2 legions in front with pratorians occupying a small space inbetween them, below them on the shore 2 auxillary infantry, and in the open space 3 calvary.

I sent a hawk out to scout ahead and there was a horde of barbarians on the ridge and in the forest. Well i made a catapult moved it to the front and fire and sent my calvary to deal with the archers on the ridge- o dear things did not go well the first time round, the archers fire killing alot of calvary before they reached them but my attention was diverted to the main battle going on below- it lasted a good few minutes but all my infantry were all dead and the archers remained, but i got flanked by the mounted archers the enemy had and i lost all my men i had gathered before they could get to high ground to make a stand! :eek:

I tried again and put even more troops (1 more auxillary, 1 legion) at the gathering point (before the enemy town) and set them all to defensive stances as i knew id loose alot more men attacking so i decided to lure the main bulk of the enemy forces into my legionares by firing at them a few times with my catapult, however the arachers did not budge on the ridge so whislt the main battle was being fought i decided to throw my calvary at them and they died again! but my reserve legion was not dead yet and the main battle almost won so i sent them towards the archers on the ridge in a turtoise formation and sent the etiquity (spelling?) to go through the battlefield and through the enemy base to cut of the escape route of the mounted archers and finally won!:cool:
great game
at the end the message i got was:

what did you lot get on that demo/mission? 'crossing the river arar'

-im definetly gonna try get this game (along side american conquest :p )
-are physcians worth having during a battle? i didnt know if they healed units fast enough and well they took 5 villagers to produce :o


17th Mar 2003, 20:15
Physcians are definately worth their price!!!!!!!!!!
I won quite easy. I used lots of Praetorians. 3 praetorian squads, 3 squads of legionaires, 2 phsycians, 2 squads of auxiliary archers, the noblemen, a squad of spearen and 1 or 2 centurions.

18th Mar 2003, 07:00
Originally posted by Centurion
what did you lot get on that demo/mission? 'crossing the river arar'

kills 758
losses 230
units trained 355
villages 2
play time 1:50:44
experience 4788

18th Mar 2003, 17:16
kills 758
losses 230
units trained 355
good statistics at the end there, i guess i shouldnt have built so many auxillary infantry-are they practically useless fighters with no specailties?

i wasnt sure about using the praetorians because the took along time to build, 64 villagers and were only 16 of them! compared with legionares are they 3 times better man for man?