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17th Mar 2003, 10:00
...or whatever this mission's name is. It's in the pyrenees, and I had to go back to "easy" to get over this one. :(
Any tips is welcomed, so far one interesting thing I was able to do was building a tower on that elevated terrain near the friendly blue village where the blue archers are.
The blue units are so pathetically used on medium or hard difficulty that it made this mission a pain. One thing I had never realized before I slided down the difficulty bar was how terrrible the AI messed with your allied forces, they are practically useless on hard.


19th Mar 2003, 20:23
This is one hard level, hardest so far. I still haven't passed it on normal. The longest i last is till 13min but by then the allied army is nearly abliterated. I get those white troups that come in around 11-12 min. But by then almost everything else is gone.

What i did was place 3 towers just south of my camp. Two elevated and one at the bottom. Then i built to catapults and made them agressive. I'm able to repell the attacks at towards my base but as you said, the allied army really sucks, and when I am able to last they the allied army is almost gone, and when i send my forces to protect the other base, a new sworm comes and attacks my my base. I really would like some other suggestions. And how long do you have to last on normal? It's really crazy i kill like 5-6 times more soldiers than the computer does and still loose. They seem to be never ending.

20th Mar 2003, 10:57
I don't know how long you have to last, I think the comp has the same number of troops on medium and easy. The real difference is that you begin with more troops on easy, and the blue ally is FAR more effective on easy than he is on medium. Plus, the allied AI actually build troops on easy, whereas he doesn't on medium.

*** SPOILER ***

To complete the mission, you have to reach the two defects, and protect their centurions : I kind of cheated, I sent two aux infantry in the woods where the defects would be, putting them on hold, and defensive, right at the beginning of the mission. That way, I was able to reach them as soon as they defect, thus I could carry them back very quickly to my base without having to spend troops (which are badly needed protecting the base) to reach them. :D

It's worth a try if you are stuck on this level, even if it's a bit cheesy.


20th Mar 2003, 15:08
Hey loki, if you want to use the spoiler use the folowing tags:

<spoiler>spoiler text</spoiler> and you get this

spoiler text




but with [ and ] instead of < and >

20th Mar 2003, 15:26
thank you ! I didn't know about that. :) I just noticed the "spoiler" button, silly me.


23rd Mar 2003, 18:15
Loki i dont think that is a spoiler, its a clever way of completing that mission!