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17th Mar 2003, 08:57
Alright, I moved on to mission 10 (Briton) last night. After taking the beach area easily, with cunning use of pike/legion/catapult formations, using horsemen to flank the enemy ballistae, I felt pretty pleased with myself. This short operation, was, I felt, classic Roman manuvering.
But then I found quite a large force guarding the village that is straight ahead, with some hiding in the lake and forest to the left.
I couldn't quite manage it no matter how much I tried, so gave up and followed the messenger instead.
I helped save this village with a fairly large force left, but no cavalry. What do I find?
They won’t let me recruit from their village! So I follow the messenger still, and, after a horrific battle with many losses, reach their stranded force in the north.
So that’s where I am.
No villages to supply fresh recruits, a village that doesn’t belong to me to help protect, and a huge fortress to storm to rescue one single ambassador, who I I’ve got a good mind to tell Caesar to simply replace.
Do I have enough men (in the ally forces I just rescued) to take the fortress?
I want that village in the middle of the map really, but I would have to cart this untrained rabble half way across the map to do it. And my orders were to not muck about as well.

I am highly trained! Highly organized! Just a little down-sized and moral is not running high either.


17th Mar 2003, 09:48
This is weird, I was able to recruit from that village (but only barbarian forces). Probably something you didn't do "right". Did you _really_ helped your allies against the threat ? There is an elevated ledge of terrain, south of the village. Did you chase all the ennemies with your cavalry along that ledge ?
If you are not permitted to recruit from the village I would suggest starting all over again. Or perhaps you saved after your successfull beach assault ?


17th Mar 2003, 10:52
Hmmm... Yes, I thought this was proving a bit hard, I can't believe how well defended that middle village is. I almost did it once though! We both wiped out each other completely, and I only had my generals, scouts and a medic alive (nobody to build a garrison for the town, see? I even tried demoting the medic! He didn't agree).
So... I guess I'll check I've cleared the enemy threat and get recruiting. That village will be sorry it ever messed with me!

Hail Caeser!

17th Mar 2003, 14:17
In my experience, you can't successfully storm the fortress without first capturing the enemy village. The first assault will cause horrific losses and you probably will have to rebuild a new army in order to succeed (I did). So, you must possess a personal base.

Once you have crushed the defenders of the beaches, have a break and regroup, try to progress slowly, with the cover of towers full of archers. Avoid the lake and try to stay close to the down side of the map when marching to the village.

Destroy the enemy's tower with a catapult backed by your forces ready to smash the counter-attack. The village is well protected on the north, west and south sides. He is easy to protect once you have captured it.

The rest is a question of patience. Build the maximum forces available, some siege machines and attack!!!

Oh! A last advice : once the prisoner is realised, don't rush to the beach with no sufficient forces. The Gauls wait for you there.....

Hope it will help.

17th Mar 2003, 18:58
There are two villages on this map one away to the left of the beach, the allied village, one nearer and to the right of the beach, the enemy village. Storm the enemy positions near the beach, including the two catapults on an island and secure the two areas of high ground immediately inland. Don't to to the enemy village - it's too strong yet. Then with as many forces as you can spare go to the allied village keeping as far away from any woodlands as possible - you'll still get ambushed but you should be able to fight them off if you stay oon the high ground. When you get to the allied village follow the 'messager' north (top of map), again keeping as near to the edge of the map as possible. There are more ambushes particulalry in a patch of long grass along the way! So keep scouts ahead of you and be prepared to move slowly with some troops ready to clear the ambushes. You don't need to follow the messager all the time, he's can get you in to even more ambushes by taking you the direct way. Get to the top of the map (North) and you'll find an allied army with seige equipment, troops and cavalry. When you find this army the allied village you passed through 'changes' so you can build barbarian allied units in it.
Well, that's as far as I have got, still haven't taken the enemy fortress yet although I did knock their gates down. A lot of good men have died! Hard this one! Good luck and anyone out there have a tip to get into the fortress, I'd like to hear it.

17th Mar 2003, 22:47
Follow Eccehomo's advice...it works except for one thing...use siege towers and get on the walls of the fortress...do not try to knock the door down as it is very difficult too do...your gonna loose a few troops and a tower or 2 but you will eventually make it onto the wall. Have any ranged units you have concentrate on the archers on the wall and you might not even loose any towers.

18th Mar 2003, 01:36
I was able to take the enemy fortress with little if any losses. The trick is to move 2 archer troops plus a troop of legionaries into the patch of woods on the cliff to the southwest of the town (depends on how you look at it, basically lower and to the right) and plop the archers as close to the ledge as possible, with the legionaries guarding their right flank (your main army should be guarding the left entrance to the ledge). Then have the archers assume stationary position and they should start picking off all the troops stationed outside of the town (or most of them). Once they're all clear, go in and take out the defensive tower and the town in yours.

Now the fortress...I didn't even bother with the allies, I just took the town and built up an army. Then I made 4 towers and 3 battering rams to take the fortress, lost a lot of men, but mostly because I have no idea how to use towers so they just sat there in front of the walls while the slingers took out their archers, and then the towers went up in smoke. So I had to go in through the doors... Yeah basically didn't help very much, got the fortress but lost alot of my force.

Hope the first strategy helps though

18th Mar 2003, 13:46
Tower's are easy to use ...

Park them on the wall and once they open up you select the troops you want to go through them and click on the tower to have them go through it. Just like sending troops into a defensive tower except they come up and out onto the walls.

19th Mar 2003, 18:52
I managed to do this one with out the village at the north just using the troops i started with, it basically involved taking the village in the south, yes it's difficult but with proper organisation and good use of your seige equipment i took this village after a few attempts and relatively few losses (enough troops left to secure the high ground above the village and hold it while i built an army to take the fort). To take the fort i tried a few times using tactics and i thought about marching north and attacking from that side but as a last resort i tried a full on assault, no great strategy just got the siege machines on the bridge, got all my troops together (selected them all) and double clicked on the gate... i lost very few men, maybe 2 or 3 units at most...

27th Mar 2003, 16:16
I had a different experience with the allied village. As soon as I had helped defend it, I had my aux repair the village and a centurion enter it. I was able to produce bona fide Roman troops as a result. I am actually no further along than the original poster, but that bit o info might help.

I was only able to produce new troops until the village size got down to about 270, so there is a bottom limit. But it will keep producing once you start losing troops. Which you will. :eek:

27th Mar 2003, 18:40
Finally, finished this level (and the next one!) and yes there was a twist. Let the allied village garison be destroyed; rebuilt it and occupy it to build Roman troops. Build an army and like in my last message, go round the north of the map to get allied troops before assaulting the fortress. Watch out for ambushes. Use three seige towers with legions in each of them and lots of Roman archers. Storm the walls. If you loose all your men, never mind, re-build your army and seige twoers and go again - you will have weakened the enemy and on the second try you'll win! Rescue the prisoner and CAREFULLY (ambushes along the way) go back to the beach. Mind the barbarian armies at (a) the allied village and (b) waiting at the beach. Kill them all, no prisoners, no mercy ...... Then you have won.

For level 11, take out Tyre, ally with Judea, take out Petra then you'll win but watch out for desert raiders!