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17th Mar 2003, 04:41
I like the game but there are things that annoy me as well.
1. Pause issue orders/A slider to adjust the game speed. Game is fast paced but I like being able to plan my battles in skirmish or the campaign and enjoy watching them. All to often I have to click issue orders then bullet over somewhere else to issue other orders and miss the battle. You guys put a lot of time and effort into the graphics, let me slow the game down so I can enjoy them. I like zooming into one part of a battle or a clever ambush I planned and watching it play out.

2. Collision detection. Its just a pet peeve, but I hate the way the troops all bunch up so all I see is 30 legionairres all standing in the same spot in melee.

3. Locking the camera. Panning the camera around is pretty much a standard in most rts's these days, I cant understand why you locked yours? This gets under my skin a lot. Trees in the way, always facing the same direction. When you put in all the sunken roads, hills, forests and swamps more often then not somethings blocking my view of the action or part of it. I'm either forced to zoom in too close or way out. Also why not let us fully zoom in? I like zooming in to my troops eye level and looking around, adds depth and allows me to see a lot of terrain I missed from eagle eye view. MTW camera is a good example of view/zoom combo thats really fun and useful. B&W's too.

19th Mar 2003, 22:53
I fully agree with you.
I hate the way the troops all bunch up too
There is no fun in huge battles.All of you see is lots of soldiers fighting (!) who are glued together.Even some soldiers get inside of the other soldiers' bodies.Thats totally unrealistic and decreases the game's overall score a lot because it is a strategic rts game with no resource management,upgrades and other stuff right?So the battles play a huge role in the gameplay and the game engine in these type of games must be capable of giving a realistic and fun experience. This messed up collision detection makes the battles look crappy and tasteless.
The more realistic a game gets the more fun it will be (Of course it has a limit.Losing a large amount of soldiers due to internal bleeding will be no fun)
I think they have to correct this with a patch.
If you ask me i would now give a 75% score for this game(Huge battles look crappy but it is still fun to play with smaller armies)
But if they correct it in a patch the game's score for me will be 95%
And a speed slider should be included in the game to make the game enjoyable for anyone
It is no problem for me though,in fact i have more fun when playing the rts games fast.
Because it makes the game exciting and harder.You completely concantrate on the game and it gives you a better relief after a glorious victory.
One last thing
I think the game is a bit easy
For example in the mission before the last mission (The battle for alexandra) you have to defend a big forteress in egypt against enemies likes "sands of the desert"(The commander says it in the beginning).When i played it the first time(hard) I thought that big battles will occour in minutes.
I was very dissappointed. very...
I got bored and left the fortress with my army leaving a few troops to guard the fortress
While i was slicing throught the enemies the objectives changed
I ran to fire up the boats and the mission ended
This mission shouldnt have been THAT easy ( I am not boasting.I am not a rts game guru too.For example i suck at aoe in the zone)
I hope the team at pyro studios are reading these
You have done a great job and you are only a step backward to create a classic game.

21st Mar 2003, 13:36
No thoughts ?
Anybody ?