View Full Version : Our RPG Universe: Circa 200 Years Later

17th Mar 2003, 00:40
Or now for that matter. I thank JSWY for the inspiration, and this will be a huge asset to our future RPGs.

Post any information about your race, fleets, self, etc. We will not tolerate God-Like Races, and equality must prevail. If you create or play a new race, I suggest you even out the faults/advantages to your race. Don't steal other people's idea, and please try and stray away from City-Planets. And no super powerful ships!!! Stay away from super-large fleets unless the ships are weak in firepower and armour. And stay away from powerful ships unless you have a small fleet. Well, shall we begin?

Aquilian Nebula:
A strange red nebula in the new Orion/Saggitarius Arm. Chocked full o' Hydrogen goodness. Many star-systems and planets inahbit this place, although it has never been thoroughly explored by any race. In fact, it is hypothosized by Turraken scientists that this nebula was formed by the colliding galaxies of Andromeda and StarTopia, or it was from another galaxy all it self. Although, many ships have been reported to become lost in here...

Galactic Core Graveyard:
Or the Graveyard. After the two galaxies collided, there was a ten year war between all the races for an asteroid rich region near the new Galactic Core. The war was devestating, even just for a period of ten years, and huge battles took place here. But now the region is much too dense to be safe for mining, and millions of square kilometers are covered in ship debris. The most dense being near the center, which also contains the most asteroids. Active Mines, Pirate Bases, and thousand year old derelicts collect here. Whether it be the emense gravity well from a black-hole near the center, or the safe terrain for the pirates...

Major StarTopian Galactic Council:
A huge, oval shaped station near what used to be the Council House on "Beep", the last entact city planet. It rotates on its axist to create gravity, and its interior is filled with eco-friendly mini-cities.