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16th Mar 2003, 23:00
Greetings fellow Tomb Raider Forumites of the Eidos Forums. I am, Exitium of the StarTopian forums, a forum that has had past (Although quite turbulent) relations with your forum. But now, we extend our arms with peace, and now some of us have changed from our blasphemous Spamming ways. So I ask you; should our forums interact more often? I hoped you awnsered yes, for we are now restarting a great experiment and we will give total cooperation and utmost politeness in return for your's. We plan to have a huge community event very soon, and we want your members to participate in it. We are sending the Dove with the Olive Branch, are you?

-Exitium (Morsus)

17th Mar 2003, 09:40
Long forgotten. Why do you bring it up again?