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16th Mar 2003, 20:43
what do they actually do besides recruiting?

Salmonicus Delicius
16th Mar 2003, 22:04
Don't they have that command aura that increases the attack and defense of any nearby troops? And they can do that stamina regeneration, can't they? They are the Roman Generals, like the Barbarian Chieftain or Egyptian Pharaoh.

17th Mar 2003, 20:11
Yes, they have raise stamina but I wondered what other bonus they provide to nearby soldiers.

Salmonicus Delicius
17th Mar 2003, 22:58
Is the offense and defense bonus only applicable to them? Ie, level 4 they have the 10% attack bonus and 30% defense bonus. Does that translate to the troops around them as well?

18th Mar 2003, 03:03
It translates to the troops around them I believe...if you target one..notice the blue ring? Thats how far the aura of command extends.

23rd Mar 2003, 17:30
erm...centuri are like big daddy.
I come to see that your troops are much more capable with their leader in the vicinity (yes the blue circle marks his influence or charisma as you would like.)Image your legionaires just throwed their pilums (devestating) now are exhausted? Normally you would lead them into swordfight immediatly,but here comes the clue.With their centurion close by they regenerate much faster and will be able to throw that pilum again!This tactic of course works better if you have a bigger army.

Another great catch which players tend to forget is that the centurion is willing to sacrifice himself in order to let his troops escape if that time has come.You all know that troops cant get out of a rumble once theyve been attacked or have attacked themselves.You can send in your centurion at this time,he will give the troops the opportinuty to break loose and run for it (i also believe to have seen that most of the nme troops will go target your centurion.
This sacrifice can make a huge diffrence if you HAVE to get out of harms way real quickly.:o

23rd Mar 2003, 18:22
That's a good tactic for multiplayer (if you ever use a centurion to lead your troops)

But it won't help very much for single player, as most of the time the centurion is a hero who, should he fall, the mission will end.
Then again you can always make a standard centurion.

23rd Mar 2003, 19:25
I always use a centurion to lead my troops in single player,they get buffed by him,they need him hehe.
Luckily you came to the option of using a backup centurion yourself,cuz i took that one for granted.:D

Try luring enemy advances into diffrent routes (read AMBUSH) with your allmighty centurion.
(did ya all know you can use eachothers village when you play a multiplayer game?.Just ask if your teammate can get his centurion out for you to enter and build a new set of troops.Most of the time i keep a centurion (IF i can spare one) at an allied village just in case my forces get annihilated (which sadly...happens a lot in multi).

23rd Mar 2003, 21:13
Centurions help alot in MP actually
Most people never use them when it comes to fighting, just for recruiting, but if you get an experienced centurion, it adds alot to your troops fighting efficiency

Salmonicus Delicius
24th Mar 2003, 18:26
I know that the Centurion gives all troops round him a nice defensive bonus, but if you had say fully experienced Roman Centurion(w/30% defense bonus) and a fully experienced Barb general(30% offense ) would the two cancel each other out? Or would one be more beneficial than the other?

25th Mar 2003, 00:52
I think at that point it would just fall to the troops you each have and their own bonus's and such, as they would be equally improved
Now, I wonder what would happen if you had one or more centurions or a centurion and a cheiftain on the same side in the same army.....

Salmonicus Delicius
25th Mar 2003, 20:58
Is it possible to have all three generals in the same army? So Pharaoh, Chieftain and Centurion? If so, I shudder to face that enemy. Ugh...:D

25th Mar 2003, 23:14
You can tell if your troops are affected by their leader
when they have a little extra eagle in their flag.

Facing an army with centurions/chieftains AND pharao`s?.....
Im having nightmares.