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26th Dec 2012, 10:53
woulndt it be a very great game

26th Dec 2012, 10:55
was replaying ogrewbattle 64 and thought how i missed that game and it would be great to get a new one released :)

26th Dec 2012, 16:21
Wow, I'd love to see a new Ogre Battle.

27th Dec 2012, 06:32
Wow, I'd love to see a new Ogre Battle.


youd think they would make a new srpg instead of a gree game?

17th Jan 2013, 16:10
I've been waiting for an Ogre Battle 64 sequel since I finished it on the N64. Still my favorite game of all time. Chances are, it would never make it to PC though, so :(. If it was on Xbox though that would be the first time I've played my xbox in 2 years. lol

Hopefully the surge of oldschool strategy remakes will get their attention, that the market is still out there.

28th Mar 2013, 17:01
I believe it was conceived as an 8 part series? I would love to see the other acts filled in. Who agrees?

28th Mar 2013, 17:13
Tactics OGRE is from SQUARE ENIX?

29th Mar 2013, 06:23
Tactics OGRE is from SQUARE ENIX?

In 2002, Square(soft) purchased Quest, the company that owned and developed the series.

29th Mar 2013, 08:41
i truly would love to see another ogre battle game. but didn't the members from Quest form the final fantasy tactics team?

7th Apr 2013, 15:45
I really enjoyed this game as well! I sunk a lot of hours into this gem and would love to see the other "acts" continued!

7th Apr 2013, 19:31
If SE ever announces an Ogre Battle game for the PS3 or XBox360, I would definitely pre-order it.

20th Apr 2013, 17:57
I would have to say that this is one of the most neglected series ever. As long as any future titles made live up to the previous entries( not the tactics entires) I am all for it.

6th May 2013, 02:47
I dont know why they dont make any new ogrebattle game, everyone who played the ogrebattle 64/ March of the black queen (SNES), loved the game. If the sequences didnt turned in FF Tactics copy (i know that TO LUCT came before FFT ), the series wold be a lot famous by now. Very unique gameplay and a lot of possible endings. WHY some series that players loves are abandoned (like Chrono and Ogrebattle)

10th Jan 2014, 03:29
Now, I know that the forums already have a section for this series. This thread, however, is more of a poll thank anything else.

If Square-Enix and Atlus were to create another Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, or remake of either, how many of you would consider purchasing it?
It's a viable question, so I thought I would put it out there for further investigation. By which, I mean that there is a very separated but large group of fans out there waiting patiently for any news of this sort.

Thank you for your time, please reply, and I apologize for the inconvenience of the thread.

10th Feb 2016, 05:13
I played Tactics Ogre games and these were the best tactical rpgs. Too bad the series hasn't progressed further. I would definitely play TO again. Square Enix should enhance this legendary series. Man, I love TO! :)