View Full Version : Troops doing thier own thing!

15th Mar 2003, 23:11
Im sick and tired of a unit of troops taking off while Im not looking. It not like they move just a little ways to atack an enemy...Ive had my trooops take offf and follow an enemy half way across a map without me giving orders. I could use the hold command...but then they wont move at all to protect themselves.

Is there anyway to keep them where I want them and still protect thier imidiet area without them just growing a mind of thier own and taking off all by themselves to triggger enemy troops to attack or get slaughtered?

The thing that drives me crazy about this game is them taking off when I dont want them too...and then while getting slaughtered it wont let me retreat. Also during battle my trooops wont take commands sometimes.......I have now broken my phone by throwing it out of frustration:(

15th Mar 2003, 23:23
Put them on hold. Right click hold button to auto all troops. Left click on defence attitude. This should work. Try it. Curt.

16th Mar 2003, 02:49
during battle, I use the "H" key (H for Halt) to stop units ...

17th Mar 2003, 15:16
Think about fighting on a front line - you're right there slashing away at an enemy.
How easy would it be to safely turn your back and run away? With the enemy less than half a meter behind you? Truth is, this is completely impossible on the battle field... thus in the game.
Same goes for issuing new orders to fighting troops.
Sorry you're having so much trouble with this, I guess you just gotta find a way to control the game that is comfortable. Think about how you're grouping your units, how you're advancing etc.

17th Mar 2003, 20:08
If you click the HOLD button, they will stand ground.