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15th Mar 2003, 21:46
are there any single player cheats out? i could only find a trainer, which didnt work, and a cheat for all levels, which is not what i want.

15th Mar 2003, 21:53

15th Mar 2003, 22:07
..as i posted befrore...i found the trainer and the all lev cheat, and i dont want that, and the trainer doesnt work...... i want real cheats, or someone could tell me how to get the trainer to work, but i read the readme, and i start it before i open the game, then i press the button and shift afterwards but it doesnt work.

17th Mar 2003, 06:30
Yeah , I dont want no pansy trainer I want to cheat like a REAL MAN, LOL, how pathetic is that, :confused: :confused:

17th Mar 2003, 22:39
no. the trainer didnt work.

17th Mar 2003, 23:50
I got the trainer to work- all of the commands except the 65,000 population! thats the only one I need!!

19th Mar 2003, 06:00
Thats not very good....

19th Mar 2003, 09:54
DON'T DO IT! Play the game, get good at the game, win the game, enjoy the game.
Cheats sucker you out of all that money you paid for a challenge.
This isn't gonna be an essay like most posts similar to this one, that's all I'm going to say.

23rd Mar 2003, 07:56
Originally posted by Dharkbayne
it worked for my , I got a diff version, because I didnt exactly get it in stores (notice I didnt say the word BUY)

No Warez or Illegal Software. This includes linking to software, posting about it, and suggesting getting it. Posting such information may also result in your posting privileges being revoked. Furthermore, we will not tolerate postings that encourage people to violate copy protection by referring them to sites that have copy protection codes publicized. Any such post will be removed from our forums and your membership and posting privileges will be revoked as soon as we find the offensive post.

If you didn't buy the game, get of out of here.


Sorry Eksadiss, was jumping to conclusions to fast. But I hate people who don't buy such a good game and post about it on the official (!) forum of the publisher

23rd Mar 2003, 08:36
Think before you talk, I didnt buy it from a store I bought it from a friend of mine cause he doesnt think its stragetic enough and perfers warcraft 3, I did get a nice deal on the game though :P

23rd Mar 2003, 12:20
I was posting a warning because of what Dharkbayne posted. If you bought the game (as you just posted). Then please ignore my post above :)

23rd Mar 2003, 13:26
Originally posted by @m
I was posting a warning because of what Dharkbayne posted. If you bought the game (as you just posted). Then please ignore my post above :)

Just to let everyone know, his quote above used to be of my post so nobody thinks im just bein nosy :p