View Full Version : Help Again!

15th Mar 2003, 21:45
:confused: I'm in the Trenches of Last Revelation. I've encountered a room with a machine gun on a tripod. If I get to close it catches me on fire. I've tried jumping off boxes over machine gun to get to compartment behind it, but it catches me on fire every time. I've tried to blow up machine gun, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me through this? Thanks, Wingdamjumper

15th Mar 2003, 22:21
Hi, if you are in the room with the boxes, crawl around behind them. The machine gun won't be pointed at you when you have crawled to the far side. Then you can target the machine gun, aiming at the red box. Hope this isn't too confusing, since it has been ages since I played this game.