View Full Version : Everlasting Frontier is a pain...

Salmonicus Delicius
15th Mar 2003, 17:57
This is the mission where you have to guard like 5 bridges. I have tried several different variations of guarding, making sorties into the enemy to eliminate some of them, and it always ends up with me losing. Anyone have any suggestions on how to actually beat back the hordes? As it is, I've put that mission on hold until I can figure out a better way than the massacre I experience each time I try to play the mission.


16th Mar 2003, 03:05
try building 2 towers near each bridge and stuff them with archers and have a few gound troops to protect them

16th Mar 2003, 08:04
Leave the bridges for what they are and let them attack your
town. You can defend far more easely from there.


16th Mar 2003, 18:54
Trying to defend all the bridges is impossible. Build 3 towers at your town, 2 just to the west of the town, by the bottom of the ramp, and one at the top of the hill. Stuff them with your archers and slingers.

Pump out a few troops of spearmen first from the town and set them on stationary to guard the two ramps to the hill and in front of the towers. I'd also keep one or two troops of legionnaires just sitting in the forest south of your town also, b/c if you don't guard that, the barbarians just come in through the forest. Make a physician sometime early also and plop him behind your front lines at the bottom of the hill. Pump more archers after that and put them at the top of the hill.

Now just wait for the waves of enemies to come at you and keep killing them off, replenishing troops as necessary. When the announcer says "The German tribes are routed and retreating to their town" then you can gather up and attack the town on the other side of the map.

Salmonicus Delicius
16th Mar 2003, 19:53
Awesome! Thanks. I had almost given up hope of routing the blasted hordes, but now I can plan for their ultimate destruction.

Many, many thanks for the help. Now to kill me some hordes :D