View Full Version : If you were Square Enix' next President, what would you do?

28th Mar 2013, 03:18
What if you were to replace mr. wada what decisions would you make?

Let me know your ideas. This is obviously not a hate thread. You know we have that what if's in our mind.

Mine would be:
localization of Type-0
releasing versus XIII the soonest. It has been there for so long.
Not hyping a new ff title if we were still like 50% completion of it
making KH3 happen
sequel of Valkyrie profile and Mana series. If possible also to Chrono series
And because I am a ff fan fiction maker(Whatever it is called) I would love to have new ideas to come from new talents. Because I read some stuffs that they focus on who has the most experience like most japan companies are.

I also would like to put polls for all fans on knowing what they want. Like feed the fans want basing on the polls.

These are my ideas for now... there could be more .

28th Mar 2013, 04:13
If I were to take over, I would push to eliminate the numbered system of the Final Fantasy games first and foremost. While it's nice from the standpoint of nostalgia for the original, smaller series of games it causes a number of problems. For starters, I have had to explain to many people over the years that Final Fantasy X has nothing to do with Final Fantasy IV, and that they are not set in the same world nor do they have connected stories. This is a fairly common problem with trying to bring new people to the series, and I think there's going to come a point where the numbers would stop being practicaly anyway. This is already sort of the case, with diect sequels to the games becoming more and more common.

The localizations of back-games would certainly be a priority for me, but in the case of Type-0 that's something I would push for a PS3/PSVita crossplay release. The Dragon Quest games would also start making appearances internationally again, along with Bravely Default. In the future, games would undergo playtesting extensively before release, and where possible the release of a game would be simultaneous worldwide. This is to prevent the additions of extra features in NA/EU versions of the game, followed by further additions and tweaks in Japanese re-releases of those same games.

The inclusion of DLC for games would become more commonplace, but at much cheaper prices than we've previously seen. It would be a requirement that any DLC be functional, so no more statless costumes.

There's a lot more I would push for, but I'm too tired to type it all out. Maybe another day.

28th Mar 2013, 04:32
Bringing back Sakaguchi or outsourcing some games to his studio (Mistwalker).

New games from the following series: Chrono, Parasite Eve, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, and Lufia.

Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI remakes.

Localizing Bravely Default and Dragon Quest VII for 3DS.

Re-releasing & localizing Final Fantasy Type-0 for Vita.

Re-releasing & localizing the two SaGa DS remakes for 3DS.

Confirming the release date of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

28th Mar 2013, 06:09
taking out the numbered system in ff is just really something different...

I actually think of firing someone lol or demote them. but nah I don't really know what is happening inside the company for me to judge them.

28th Mar 2013, 09:33
Well, if i was heading the helm at Square-Enix. I'd probably start by making final fantasy X, X-2 HD along with kingdom hearts 1.5 remix multiplatfrom. Put more of an effort into getting future titles released outside of japan. Also finally confirm whether or not final fantasy versus XIII is going to be release or cancelled. It's better then keeping the fans in the dark and would put a lot of these ridiculous rumors to rest.

28th Mar 2013, 13:54
Well, I can't say that I have the credentials to replace Yoichi Wada. But, I do know that the business needs its customers in order to survive. If there are millions of people demanding multiple titles, I'd feel that I have no choice but to do everything within my power to "make it happen", starting with the most popular. I may not be able to get 'everything' out there, but at least the customers would know that the company is doing its best to deliver what they're asking for.

I 'do' know what it's like to work with the charts, the graphs, and the public. I know it is 'NOT' easy. But, you 'can't' ignore the demands of the customers. AND, you certainly can't let it drag on for years and years. You never say "No" to a demand when no effort has been applied. Videogames are things people choose to play on their 'own' time(in most cases lol). This is time they personally set aside to enjoy the products of 'your' business. You can't just keep doing what 'you' want to do. You're not selling the products to yourself.

I'm a fan, so I have my 'favorites' from the company. But, as a leader of SE, what 'I'd' want in a game is irrelevant. I'd set up a major world-wide poll and work the list from top to bottom. Is that really possible? Absolutely! Is it difficult to do? Probably. But, I think it's time to straighten things out once and for all.

15th Oct 2013, 16:23
Prioritize localization of Final Fantasy Type 0 on PSP (PSN) and Final Fantasy Type 0 international HD remastered version on PS3 (disc and PSN), as well as Vita (PSN) Of course localization of FF Agito on mobile.

after FFXV is done, have Tabata use the new engine on PS4 to develop Final Fantasy Type 1 that stays true to FF Type 0 formula
as well as a PS4 graphics HD remade version of FF Type 0
which includes Agito's character creation as standard feature option with perspective of the custom player.
Graphics would rival or surpass FFXV.

Establish Final Fantasy Type/Agito as its own console based high quality series alongside the numbered FFs.

Crosspromotion project to include FF Type 0 Class Zero uniforms on FF XIV A Realm Reborn, and FFXIV ARR weapons to FF Type 0

Eventual development of Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Remastered and Final Fantasy Agito on PC.

6th Nov 2013, 03:39
The Dragon Quest games would also start making appearances internationally again.

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