View Full Version : Soundfont midi doesn't work on Audigy2

15th Mar 2003, 13:12
FF7 doesn't identify Audigy2 as a soundfont compatible card. I am so depressed by this problem :(

16th Mar 2003, 03:02
FF7config.exe can't identify audigy2 as a soundfont compatible soundcard, so audigy2 will not pass the test by ff7config.exe. But it is possible to examine soundfont files by soundfont manager, and you will find out "[115]woodblock" in the soundfont file "lb.sf2". In fact,"[115]woodblock" handles important choir effect of soundfont midi "One-Winged Angel". There is also another "[115]woodblock" in ff7.sf2, but it is useless.

Therefore, use soundfont manager to load ff7.sf2 first. And find out the bank where "[115]woodblock" is. Now we have to load lb2.sf2 to that bank. In soundfont manager, there are two devices handle soundfont. They are SB Audigy Synth A/B. So don't forget to adjust your control panel and use correct device to play midi.

FF7config.exe will not let Audigy2 to pass the soundfont compatibility test....forget it, now set your midi device and choose soundfont in ff7config.exe.

There are two versions of "One-Winged Angel",lb2_awe.mid(with choir) and lb2.mid(without choir).Because Audigy2 can't be identified, it is no way to play lb2_awe.mid...by default:p To solve the problem, download ff7 file editor "lgptools" first. Use the utility to edit file "awe.lgp", unzip "lb2_awe.mid" and rename it as "lb2.mid". Then replace original "lb2.mid" with the renamed file. Now enjoy it!