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15th Mar 2003, 11:52
I´m having trouble finding Dunne at FFVII.. I´m running XP and downloaded the "dont crash at chocobo-race patch". And now I cant find Dunne. I have spoken to everybody at least three times, Ive been running right at the desert at least 20 times, but still no Dunne.. Anyone who can help me?

16th Mar 2003, 13:51
Hello, I would like to help you, but I cannot seem to place exactly where you are in the game...have you been in Gold Saucer? Have you done your first Chocobo Race and gotten out of Corel?

Tell us ecactly where you are in the game and maybe the name "Dunne" will make some kind of sense.

At the moment, "Dunne" is not uppermost in my memory banks! :)

16th Mar 2003, 16:59
I have just been thrown out of Gold Saucer. Im at the "Junk yard" called Heaven. I have spoken to the three lying guys and teamed up with Barret. Then I went to talk to the manager about my first chocobo-race (where I can get the Ramuh-materia). I have spoken to everyone at Heaven but still no luck. I found him (Dunne) before I installed the "Dont-crash-at-chocoborace" patch to windows XP. But there is no chance to save after the encounter with Dunne (the other guy like Barret, with a gun as his left hand) and before my first chocobo race. And now I cant find him.. He´s gone!!
Hopefully you know where I am at the game now. And hopefully you are able to help me out..


18th Mar 2003, 21:43
Wow! I think you are in a bind here. You need a play around by someone who can take you just to the place before you fight Dunne.

Then, you can re-fight him, and go on to the Gold Saucer to race.

And pray you don't crash again!

Now that I think about it, can you not go back to a previous save point back further in the game and replay from there? Basically, a play around would do that for you.

Let me look for someone with a save file just past the point where you can start again....

***Anyone got a good save game to send this player? Check in please!

Keep checking here!

21st Mar 2003, 05:00
Uhh... his name is Dyne o.o';;

But anyway, you know the screen above the area with the save? Go up there, you'll see that fence? Make sure you go up on the right side of it, but not IN the fenced off area. Then make sure that you run to the right, and STRAIGHTLY, staying towards the bottom edge of the desert area. That should bring you to the junkyard...

Also, don't forget to go to the lowest screen, and go into the house where Barret explains what happened and where he shoots the one random guy. It's also the house he forcibly joins the party. If you don't do this, Dyne won't be there.

21st Mar 2003, 14:48
I would be very grateful if someone could help me out with a savefile just after the race. No need for me to play that part again.. This is my fifth time I play FF7, but my first at a computer.

And as I said previously, I found Dyne before I installed the patch.

Thanks for replying


PS: Sorry ´bout the misspelling.. It´s not Dunne, it´s Dyne :) DS

25th Mar 2003, 04:34
The XP patch should solve the Chocobo Crash....
search around in the page I left...it's in there, but easy to miss.


If you have any problems with the patch...visit Qhimm's forum.


12th Apr 2003, 12:14
have you tried running the game in win 95 compatibility mode?
i had a similar problem running it in XP but if you go to properties in the FFVII exe and compatibility and change it into win 95 mode then it should work fine