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1st Jul 2012, 21:50
So I haven't played FF13-2, but I have seen certain DLC's... and admit that they excite me. Several classic FF bosses return to fight Noel (I think thats his name?) and Serah... and I would like to see it taken further, in either a Kingdom Hearts game or FFVersus 13.

some bosses I'd like to see:
Death Gaze
Phantom Train
2-headed dragon

note: these are bosses that appear in Dawn of Souls: FF1, represtenting bosses from FF1,3,4,5 and 6.

does anyone else like this idea? what other bosses would you want to see?

1st Jul 2012, 23:14
I know it's not technically a boss, but I always enjoy running into a Tonberry.

2nd Jul 2012, 06:46
I don’t know anything about ffxiii-2 but those names came to my mind.
Nemesis FFX
Jumbo Cactuar
Trema (Iffx-2 ,I know he is not one of the classic but he was hard .)
Dark summons since the game doesn’t have summons right ?.from ffxiii
Those DlCs are only for extra fun , and not going to effect the story so why not including FF main bosses, for example: dark Sephiroth ,dark Jecht or dark Genesis…etc
Well, I know that’s a little greedy ^_^;

27th Mar 2013, 14:37
Hello everyone,

Is there a certain super boss in the final fantasy games that you absolutley hated and had problems defeating. Mine was ruby weapon in FF VII, I didnt have Knights of the round table at the time but I wanted to see if I could beat him without it. It took me severa hrs and days and trial and error but I finally beat him and the victory was awesome.

27th Mar 2013, 14:42
They're all pretty easy in this series. Metatron on the other hand...

27th Mar 2013, 15:12
First all Ruby aren´t a Super Boss his is a optional enemy what require strategy and smartness to win, there a lot of others in Final Fantasies and Square Enix series there are classic.

Try harder.

27th Mar 2013, 15:20
I read on a final fantasy wikipedia that says Ultima and Ruby weapon are classified as super bosses, I did beat Ruby weapon without Knights and the use a Hades. Has anyone ever had problems with Ozma in Final Fantasy IX?

27th Mar 2013, 22:09
I only beat Ozma once, but I think if you drain it's MP, it's pretty much a sitting duck. Been a while, can't quite remember...

28th Mar 2013, 01:42
may be you meant optional bosses

Omega weapon on ffviii, pretty much time consuming it was easy if you have that invinsibility if none then you'll die constantly.

Was it also omega weapon in ffxii? that spider thing.

Pretty much you'll have to get most skills and magic before you come and you can beat all of them it just takes so much time with their humongous hp.

28th Mar 2013, 02:04
In Final Fantasy XII it was 'Omega Mk XII/12' I believe, and it was supposed to be a superpowered version of the mimics of that game. For that matter, though, optional bosses ARE superbosses. They're supposed to be the toughest fights in the game, tougher even than the final fight of the main story, which you take on once you've gotten to max level or unlocked every ability or what have you. Ruby and Emerald Weapons from the NA version of Final Fantasy VII were the first optional fights to be referred to as 'superbosses', if I recall correctly.

The optional boss I had the most trouble with from the older games was Omega in Final Fantasy V for the PS1. It can be pretty easy if you know what you're doing, but I just seemed to have the worst luck and tended to die pretty quickly. The next toughest for me was Zodiark of Final Fantasy XII (who I barely managed to beat, just once), and then the Long Gui of Final Fantasy XIII. I expect, though, that this list will change on the release of X|X-2 HD as I've never had the pain of fighting Penance or the Dark Aeons.

28th Mar 2013, 02:15
Please they are easy,boring,annoying sometimes,

This is are SUPER BOSSES/ENEMIES LIST you probably gonna talk about

FF 1 : Death Gaze,Shnryu,Chronodia

FF2 :Tiamat Satan Asteroth

FF3 : Odin Red Shinobi Leviathan Bahamut Amon Kunoichi General Scylla Guardian 2-headed Dragon Ahriman Echidna Cerberus Iron Giant

FF4 :Asura Leviathan Odin Bahamut White Dragon Dark Bahamut Lunasaur Plague Ogopogo Thumbingway Geryon Proto Babil

FF5 : Omega Weapon, Shinryu

FF6 : Angler Whelk,Master Tonberry,

FF7 Crisis Core: Minerva

FF7: Emerald and Ruby Weapon

FF8: Ultima and OMEGA

FF9: Grand dragon,Quale,Tantarian,Hades,Ozma

FF10: Pendeance or Penance.

FF12: Omega Mark XII,Yiazmat.!

FF13: Shaolong and Long Guis

FF13-2 : Yomi, Raspatil, Immortal

4th Apr 2013, 00:15
Hey! let´s continue.

4th Apr 2013, 00:39
The Grand Dragons of FF IX were more annoying than anything....but really really great for leveling up a party in the early going. All you need was Quina and the Level 5 Death skill....and they were easy pickings for lots of EXP. Think she got that skill by eating some monster at the Iifa Tree, so you could get it somewhat early. The problem was if your party was a weak one hoping that she got to attack before the Dragon did.... Still, the benefits were great!