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14th Mar 2003, 14:44

14th Mar 2003, 15:40
"Therefore, keeping your troops together and in order can be a bit tricky at times. It can be particularly annoying when some of your troops will take a shortcut when moving to a path while others will take another longer route to get where they're going. If you aren't paying attention, you could have some trouble on your hands. What I would have liked to see is an option that allows you to adopt a meta-formation for multiple units. So if you're making a slow movement forward, but would like to keep all of your troops in the same formation you set them in, you won't be able to, or at least I couldn't find a way. So you'll end up having to assign groups for each section of your larger army and move them one bit at a time, when really you need them to all move at once so part of the formation doesn't get chewed up waiting for their support when you suddenly run into enemy resistance."

Use shift key and short waypoints.

Use z key to select all troops on the screen.
Use page 19 in manual to add any you missed.
Use ctrl+1-9 to assign this mega group.
Use troop formation width on page 22 of manual.

Now watch what happens.

This game should get a second review and a higher score.

Play it more before you review it....

It is a quality product. Thanks Curt.

14th Mar 2003, 15:55
Also see page 23 and 24 of manual.

Put entire group on defensive attitude and use automanage for hold position.

Play with this and then save your setup.

14th Mar 2003, 16:10
It's amazing how often reviewers can miss features like this. I guess review copies often don't come with manuals -- although the reviewer did mention the unit stat card etc., so maybe he just didn't read enough.

I added this to the review thread. ;)

14th Mar 2003, 16:14
This is such a fun game. I want more......