View Full Version : Music extraction ?

14th Mar 2003, 11:48
Hi all!

Like I have posted in a previous thread, you can extract the musics of the game with Winrar (music file: music.pak)

The problem is that the files are in a unrecongnized format, unreadable by any windows standard sound/music player ...

Do you know how to read them or simply convert them into .wav or .mp3 ?

14th Mar 2003, 16:57
there is a program that can convert audio but I forgot its name.

14th Mar 2003, 22:28
Hi again all !

here is a solution I have tested ...
and IT WORKS !

I have now all the musics of Praetorians in mp3 format !

-extract the music.pak file into a new folder, you will get .OGG files
-use winamp to read the .OGG files or
convert the files with an OGG2MP3 program
(I have found 3 of them on the net!!!)...

and voila ....

all the Praetorians musics on CD or in mp3 format ...