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14th Mar 2003, 09:46
5 - excellent
4 - very good
3 - good
2 - average
1 - it sucks!

15th Mar 2003, 14:21
I think it is one of the best strategy games ever!

17th Mar 2003, 17:56
It may not be the most strategic war simulator, but in terms of the immediate battle field (i.e. a forest etc.) it is I guess. Pretty realistic, accurate AND fun. Who's done that before?

21st Mar 2003, 08:00
Originally posted by Telemach
It may not be the most strategic war simulator, but in terms of the immediate battle field (i.e. a forest etc.) it is I guess. Pretty realistic, accurate AND fun. Who's done that before?

Well, Empire earth is Stragety alot like this game. Units suck against certain units and I loved that game untill I discovered Praetorians. It has one thing empire earth does not....alot more realistic tactics like hiding archers in trees. that never worked in AOE cause there dam colored Outlines:( . Somehow I think Praetorians needs a little more action and options

26th Mar 2003, 06:20
The aspect of having the right units for the right job really adds to the game. I went through half the game before using Spearmen extensively because I thought they had no use due to their poor offensive capabilities..... little did i know...

That aspect of the game really gives it more depth as you decide which units you need and forwhat purposes against what kind of enemy, and how to balance them all.

29th Mar 2003, 03:21

I think this because of no siege warfare in skirmish and multiplayer. I really looked forward to this. We can't build walls.

29th Mar 2003, 20:08
no games wihtout its fault, Praetorians being no exception, no campaigns for the other sides seems like a substantial ommision, but in my opinion Praetorians is still an excellent game


13th May 2003, 13:56
Praetorians is a good game, it has a lot of good solid points that back it up, but if more time had been spent on it it could have been great.

The Unit settings like stationary and turtle are good, but I would have liked to see an option where you could get units workign as one, this is a problem I have with most strategy games, I dont know if any of the Total War ones address it, but to be able to get units workign as one would be a nice option. Legionaries on turtle with archers inside.

More unit settings would have also been nice to see, having one per unit would have been good. Also not having any campaigns involving the other 2 sides and no fort maps are annoying.

More contact from the developers would eb nice, the site and feedback from them doesnt do the game justice.

My biggest problem with the game is that any unit being touched by an enemy unit will enter the fight. Allowing for a setting like "rout" where your units would flee to the assigned spot would be nice. It is so frustrating to see your archer cavalry get slaughtered by praetorians because one of them was touched.

Overall though, the game and details are really nice, I really like the desert maps where you can sit and watch little squirrel things run around. The replayability is nice, can play the same skirmish maps lots of times, yet the enemy AI always reacts differently.

14th May 2003, 20:31
Aye the AI is good, I actually (embarrsingly) loose to the computer sometimes with the following settings:
Me and my CPU ally Romans and the enemy team:
2x Egyptians both allied
On hard setting
map= Hurricane (think its that one- grasslands with hills and towns in a big circle then smaller circle within the big circle of towns on the map)
its bloody difficult give it a go!

Also Praetorians has the best pathfinding Ive seen in an RTS, I get so annoyed in other RTS (or anyother game for that matter )when units just split up and one ends up going the way it was suppose to and the otehrs go round a mountian or something.


15th May 2003, 07:42
Ai is exeptionally good, on skirmish games in most games I have played I can usually hold out against 2 sometimes 3 AI opponents coming against me, not so in Praetorians, 1 on hard is a good game, I find that if I dont send troops against the enemy they dont play, just sit around and look pretty.

About the honour points, do they get generated by archers as well as melee, because when I send groups of parth or archer cav to shoot and retreat and take out enemy this way, I get hardly any, even after destroying a good number of enemy.

23rd May 2003, 18:44
Since I've played Praetorians to exhaustion and am moving on:

I love the game overall - even though I've grown tired of RTS games in general.

What I mean is that although I was initially disappointed with Praetorians and was going to dismiss it as "shallow," I kept playing and found that the combination of tactics, graphics, and sounds make the entire game charming.

Tactics matter: you need to scout, take advantage of forests, pay attention to stamina, and look for the high ground. I nly wish they mattered more...

It isn't sophisticated tactics - as morale or supply or flanks are not modeled but still Praetorians has a lot of charm.

Combine the cool graphics (loved the gladiator nets, the testudo formations, the Egyptian archers straight off a Pharoah's tomb mural, the barbarian berserker animations), the great sounds (the tread of the legions, the victory cheers, and my healer's "I can heal the wounded.") all made for a really cool game.

I'm not saying it was perfect, not at all. There were plenty of stuff that I didn't enjoy or like at first, but these faded into the background for me:

a) Didn't care for the "football scrum" as our orderly formations just disappeared into a wild melee. However, you know what? It didn't matter and I think that that sort of combat was a brutal melee anyway.

b) I would've given cavalry a greater ability to disengage from battle. I mean if you were scouting with the cavalry you'd like to know that you could avoid anyone on foot you accidentally encountered.

Mostly, I found that the other "flaws" were in no way the big deal that I thought. The fixed camera view? The small maps? The limited civilizations? No biggie.


A map editor or a random map generator.

Ability to pause game and give orders.

Anyway, thanks to Eidos and all forum members.:D

28th May 2003, 11:47
why pause? :P then its not rts anymore :)

28th May 2003, 12:17
Pause would be nice, Unfortunately I cant function as fast as my pc, so it would be ncie to be allowed to pause, place the orders and then contiue.

16th Jul 2003, 21:04
bond0bhave what spec is your pc

17th Jul 2003, 07:52
Amd 2100, 512 ddr ram.

Other RTS games do give you that option to pause, set out what you want to do and then resume.