View Full Version : I am back once again!

Senor v2
13th Mar 2003, 19:10
I am back from that unimaginable realm called BANNED!
It has taken me a while but i finally have done what alphaomega said, create a new profile and i have!
Some of you will remember me and some of you will not but please post if you do,

WOOOOOO! I am back!:D

13th Mar 2003, 20:16
I REMEMBER!!!! horay!! nice to hear that your back... well, nothing else to say... guess this is going to be a short post.... so i'll fill it up with some singing.

there she was just a walking down the lane singing
do wa diddy diddy dum diddy do....

ok, thats enough.

14th Mar 2003, 17:04
Welcome back Senor. Why were you banned by the way. I have been banned from various websites for no reason.

Senor v2
14th Mar 2003, 19:16
I "spammed" the commandos forum accidently

14th Mar 2003, 20:44
And he's reformed now. Hehe, welcome. Don't touch my stuff.

14th Mar 2003, 22:47
Welcome back O'Salt Hog who speaks Spainish!

(On another note, I was Dracoraptor.)

14th Mar 2003, 23:21
Doesn't the StarTopia foum contribue 40% of the forums spam, Me and Ghyron being the Largest contributers. How come none of us have been banned?

Please don't start banning us.

15th Mar 2003, 01:29
'Cos AlphaOmega is the SPAM-champ! All hail SPAM! But don't hail it more than the Sky Goat.

15th Mar 2003, 02:37
It is our leader.

L Croft
15th Mar 2003, 08:12
o....k :p (btw if I ever did something which could get me in trouble would someone please tell me)

Any way welcome back Senor I don't remember you somehow but I don't know why. :)