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13th Mar 2003, 08:15
my question is, how can i upgrade my defense towers and how can i upgrade the town, other people doing that, but i don't know how? plz help me?

14th Mar 2003, 05:51
thats what ive been wandering too...

14th Mar 2003, 10:33
You can't 'upgrade' neither towers nor towns, so I don't really understand the question.

What you can actually do is place troops inside a defense tower, in order for it to start shooting at the eneymy (archers will use its arrows, non-ranged troops will throw rocks and other small proyectiles at short range)

And the only thing you need to do with towns is:
a) Build a garrison (right click on it with an auxiliary infantry)
b) Place a centurion in there (idem)
c) Start recruiting troops away.

Did I miss something?



14th Mar 2003, 13:36
he was talking about, in the screenshots you see huge forts with walls and you can hid troops inside the walls and gates and stuff, and i have not seen a single fortress yet. What am i missing...

14th Mar 2003, 14:25
Go here. http://www.gamewinners.com/trainer.php?file=tispraet.zip... put this in your c:\documents and settings\your name\my documents\praetorians\profiles for xp..... this will unlock all levels and you can see all the forts..... just use this profile....

14th Mar 2003, 20:45
So, a fortress we saw is pre-made especially for that scenerio and we can't build our own. Am I correct?

14th Mar 2003, 22:12