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13th Mar 2003, 03:24
I thought I might create a thread and link to all the reviews we've seen for Praetorians so far, so we can get a list of scores. If you see any more, post a link to them here and I'll update this post with any new ones. :)

PC PowerPlay is an Australian magazine that I subscribe to, and if you see any magazine reviews, tell us what score they gave it. :)

List of scores:
ActionTrip (http://www.actiontrip.com/reviews/praetorians.phtml): 80%, 'Very Good'
The Adrenaline Vault (http://www.avault.com/reviews/review_temp.asp?game=praetorians): 3.5/5
The Armchair Empire (http://www.armchairempire.com/Reviews/PC%20Games/praetorians.htm): 8.7/10
Computer and Video Games (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/reviews/reviews_story.php?id=88301): 80%
EuroGamer (http://www.eurogamer.net/content/r_praetorians_pc/): 8/10
Ferrago.co.uk (http://www.ferrago.co.uk/story/1451): 70%
GameAxis (http://www.gameaxis.com/articles/view.gax?gid=394&id=100): 8.3/10
Game Chronicles (http://www.gamechronicles.com/reviews/pc/praetorians/praetorians.htm): 9/10, Editor's choice
Gameplanet NZ (http://www.gameplanet.co.nz/mag.dyn/Reviews/2517.html): 4/5, 'Great'
Game Raiders (http://www.gameraiders.com/reviews.asp?platform=PC&reviewid=795): 80/100
Gamer Nation UK (http://www.gamer-nation.co.uk/games/reviews/pc/praetorians_pg1.shtml): 82.6/100 'Silver Award'
Gamer's Hell (http://www.gamershell.com/reviews_PraetoriansReview.shtml): 7/10
Games Domain (http://www.gamesdomain.com/gdreview/zones/reviews/pc/mar03/praetorians.html): 3.5/5
Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/praetorians/review.html): 8.4/10 'Great'
Gamespot AU (http://www.zdnet.com.au/gamespot/pcgames/reviews/story/0,2000013604,20273811,00.htm): 8/10
Gamespy (http://www.gamespy.com/reviews/march03/praetorianspc/): 79/100 'Good'
games xtreme (http://www.gamesxtreme.net/review/236.shtml): 83%
GameZone (http://www.gamezone.com/gzreviews/r14924.htm): 7.5/10
Gaming Horizon (http://reviews.gaminghorizon.com/media/0,100,25,149,1,789.html): 7.1/10
gamingNEXT (http://www.gamingnext.com/software/reviewdetail.asp?revID=45&c=15&t=2): 88%
Khabal Gaming (http://www.khabal.com/articles/showarticle.php?id=408): 7.5/10
Loadedinc (http://www.loadedinc.com/review.php?temp_view=review.php&game=Praetorians&id=163): 8/10, 'Recommended'
Multiplay UK (http://www.multiplay.co.uk/articles.asp?id=115): 8/10, 'Recommended'
PC Gameworld (http://www.pcgameworld.com/review.php/id/371/Praetorians/): 82%
PC-Gaming (http://www.pc-gaming.com/read.asp?id=108&type=rp): 3.5/5
PC IGN (http://pc.ign.com/articles/389/389330p1.html): 89%
PC PowerPlay: 79%, 'Game of Distinction'
Supanet (http://www.supanet.com/games6.1/reviews/new/index.php?archive=28): 4/5, 'Buy It!'
Tech TV (http://www.techtv.com/extendedplay/reviews/story/0,24330,3421181,00.html): 4/5
UGO.com (http://www.ugo.com/channels/games/features/praetorians/): B
The Wargamer (http://www.wargamer.com/reviews/praetorians/): No score given, but a comprehensive and very positive review.
Worthplaying (http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=10412): 8.7/10, Editor's choice

14th Mar 2003, 16:27
Couple of new ones in today, from IGN (thanks, curtlegion) and Games Domain.

I'm seeing some disagreements in the reviews already. One said that Praetorians is perhaps the most strategic strategy game he's played, while another said that the game is not very deep. I guess it depends on what angle you're approaching it from: the combat is very deep and involving, but there aren't any other complicated strategy elements like trading or some such. I like the combat focus myself. :D

14th Mar 2003, 22:28

14th Mar 2003, 22:29
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19th Mar 2003, 12:24
There's a new one up at Gamer Nation UK. They really liked the game, but thought it was missing 'something'. Nice and vague. :)

23rd Mar 2003, 01:34
A couple of new ones from Supanet and Tech TV; both gave it 4 out of 5.

Tech TV has the review on TV as well: 'Watch today at 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and Thursday 3/27 at 4 p.m. Eastern.'

27th Mar 2003, 00:34
Some new ones over the last few days, from EuroGamer, games xtreme, Khabal Gaming and Loadedinc.

The scores are all pretty consistent, around the 80% mark.

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27th Apr 2003, 10:46
Thought I'd give this a bump. There are 30-odd reviews up there now, all of them positive.

27th Apr 2003, 12:12
I have the games domain review at my site--


6th May 2003, 14:41
This site is quite cool, it just collates all the reviews and gives an average score etc.. Covers all the big websites and even mag scores too.

Gamerankings (http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/20822.asp)