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13th Mar 2003, 03:19
Go buy this game. This is one quality product. Please pyro do an addon and Praetorians II. How about some more multiplay and skirmish maps for download also..... Let people also have a chance at the editor. Keep up the good work. My score is 95. Curt.

14th Mar 2003, 04:09
agree 100% fantastic game:D :D

14th Mar 2003, 06:16
the game is great... no doubt.

We need now a good site/forum/community !

a place to found a forum, of course, but also :

-strategy articles
-unit descriptions and analyses
-download section
-news ...


15th Mar 2003, 09:22
what they should do for praetorians 2 is make it during medieval times. That would be really cool as well(of course you would have to change the title).

I wouldnt mind another roman time sequel as well:)