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12th Mar 2003, 21:02


12th Mar 2003, 21:28
Well, bound to be someone who doesnt like the game, same with any game, im glad though this game isnt getting the same reaction as say Master Of Orion III!:rolleyes:

However i thought the campaigns in cossacks were quite boring, they focused mainly on small skirmishes and others missions in a campaign went on far too long, just moving from A to B was quite a task!:o

(not long too go until i can try out the Praetorians demo :p )

13th Mar 2003, 06:55
He states that U only can play Roman in the Campaign, is that correct?? can U only play Egyptians and Barbarians in MP???

just a question, im a Newbie so I have alott of them....:rolleyes:

But I dont mind however, I prefer the diciplined roman army before undiciplined barbarians and weak egyptians... :D

13th Mar 2003, 07:13
It seems like the main reason he dislikes the game is because you can only play one side in the campaign. I have to agree that really sucks, but it doesn't mean the game itself is not good.

13th Mar 2003, 09:14
Well, this review is cheap. It's poorly written, we don't know why he didn't like the game (except he seems angry because he can't play the other civs in the campaign).
I'm no fanboy, but this so called review lacks everything which would make it even remotely interesting to read.


13th Mar 2003, 10:52
totally agre with U loki!!