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12th Mar 2003, 18:22
Well, I was making a fountian in my front entrance of my mansion, when I realized that you can't put solid brushes in the middle of a flow/water brush. How do I get my fountain, but keep the middle post in it (I need it). Do I have to get messy and put lots of little ity-bity flow brushes or...?

For some reason, I can't set the gamesys to a different one. I've tried set_gamesys and set_gamsys but neither works. I've tried it EXACTLY as named and all uncaps and all caps. It's okay if I can't get it, but my mission will miss out on a WHOLE lot of stuff I would like to use.

12th Mar 2003, 22:02
What OS are you using? Usually set_gamesys filename.gam works for me (filename being name of custom .gam file), but it doesn't save it as the gamesys unless I save it as a .mis rather than a .cow file. There is another way to do it, I believe in the user.cfg or dark.cfg file...search it on this and TTLG...I'm positive I read it somewhere. Anyway, it sets the gamesys for every time to be whatever you want it to be. Hope that made sense...:)

P.S. - That fountain question is one I've been through. If you go to my site http://www.geocities.com/caradavin/pics.html you will see a fountain that has solid with water around it, and the only way I could achieve it was to put lots of flow bushes where it was covered in almost a checked pattern. But, it caused errors everytime my mission would load - something about exceeding limit of 80 something or other. Anyway, I would also like to know how to get something like what's on my site without crashing Dromed everytime.

12th Mar 2003, 22:50
Head over to the Taffers Tavern and check out the water tutorial.

12th Mar 2003, 23:40
What a simple solution! Thanks much, greg9001!:D

13th Mar 2003, 00:53
That's about the third time I've read throught that water tutorial! I should have known that! And for the gamesys: I didn't think you need the '.gam' part

13th Mar 2003, 02:19
set_gamesys DEDX01.gam doesn't work. Neither does dedx01.gam either. This is making me mad!

13th Mar 2003, 08:31
If not, you will need to make sure all the contents of DeDx are in their right places in the t2 directory.

13th Mar 2003, 16:34
They were last time I checked... There wouldn't be a way to just totally multibrush my mission, save the multibrush, make a new mission (there's a base mission with the gamesys already loaded), and then "paste" the mission into that. I could do that right?

14th Mar 2003, 02:56
Not unless you want to retexture the mission, the texs will be aligned but not on the brushes. (multibrush that is)

Make sure dedx.gam is in your main Thief 2 directory when you try to set it.