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12th Mar 2003, 17:28
The Germans have got a fan and mod site up! What's going on guys?
There's absolutely nothing in english for Praetorians yet.
Okay, so I'm not doing anything about it myself, too busy blah blah blah, but surely someone's got something in the pipeline?

Just wondering...

12th Mar 2003, 19:45
You are right ! nothing in english... I understand english but no german ... I'm waiting for a good community site.

Contact RUTAM, he has projects ... ;)

a new site, a new community will be created, very soon... be patient...

we will give this great game, a great community and a great site!

14th Mar 2003, 19:49
I need staff for the site......the design is done ! ahhhh !

14th Mar 2003, 21:49
You have already me RUTAM !

others ?

15th Mar 2003, 08:18
Yeah ! need atleast 6-7 people.

15th Mar 2003, 13:51
Well I'm willing to help out in any way possible , maybe moderating forum or something.......

but unfortunately i dont know anything about web design or technical stuff :(

15th Mar 2003, 14:04
I would like to be a moderator too!

15th Mar 2003, 21:16
:) 3 moderators already and no one with HTML knowledge to update the site ! We are getting somewhere, aren't we ?


15th Mar 2003, 21:46
Originally posted by Rutam
:) 3 moderators already and no one with HTML knowledge to update the site ! We are getting somewhere, aren't we ?



I can updtade the pages with software ...
that's not a problem :)

I am candidate for :
1- a moderator "job", of course ;)
2- strategy section "keeper"/"collector"
3- writing news

... have u decided for the name of this future site ?
... any date for the first online publishing ?

15th Mar 2003, 22:37
I have limited html knowledge. Ive built a couple small beginner sites. I do lack creativitiy though so any design stuff would be beyond me....however I could update and do any other things ya may need help with.

Email me if interested: crow-dog@attbi.com

15th Mar 2003, 22:48
I have some HTML knowledge too.
I prefer being mod and writing articles.
I have frontpage.


16th Mar 2003, 22:01

Im new around here , and i have already noticed the lack of a good praetorians community site on the web too.

I am willing to help in what i can , i know HTML so i can help in the site update and i can handle Flash also in case you need something as a header for the site or something else.

Count me in

17th Mar 2003, 08:33
wow, thats much better ! All those seriously interested mail me at

rutamonline@hotmail.com (also my MSN id, we will proceed from there)

Best wishes for a huge community !

17th Mar 2003, 19:32
I you need help, you can count on me. Just let me know.

18th Mar 2003, 01:51
We definatly need a community for this game, Something to make the game have a longer life that 24 missions and some multiplayer.

Lets just hope there is some cooperation with the developers so we can learn how to add some things to this game.

It may take a while, but let's hope to see some interesting things for Praetorians.

18th Mar 2003, 14:05

Rutam, how is your schedule right now ?
any date ?

(sorry if I am a bit impatient ... ;) .... )

18th Mar 2003, 19:18
Actually, I am working hard to get the new forums up !

18th Mar 2003, 19:41
Ah nice, Are you going to make some different categories such as editing and such? (besides the standard mission help)?

Well thats me asking too many questions, I'm sure you have it figured out. :)

19th Mar 2003, 06:13
Not too shabby, I'm looking forward to this....

Now has anyone tried to look at the files for this game to see any developing possibilities?

27th Mar 2003, 04:06
Rutam, any updates?
Sorry, just wondering how things are going.

27th Mar 2003, 13:21
... want to know also. Rutam ?

3rd Apr 2003, 09:33
We need it!!

Who is making it?

9th Apr 2003, 19:53
for the moment ... nobody ... :(
sad, but true

... still waiting ... :(

9th Apr 2003, 20:15
You probably don't need anyone right now, but if you do, I know html, and am currently *working* on *trying* to make a mod :)

9th Apr 2003, 22:48
So far Rutam has been MIA...

Rutam, how goes it?
Need any help?

10th Apr 2003, 05:31
ok guys....I am in the final stages of this....give me some more time.

10th Apr 2003, 06:45
Hey, if ya need some help moderating a forum or something then I will be glad to help