View Full Version : A few nasty little bugs with DedX

11th Mar 2003, 23:52
It seems that DedX isn't as wonderful as I thought. As I viewed a mission or two I had before I had DedX, I saw that one of the secret doors had the shape of the new rotting one (which it wasn't before). This bothered me a bit now that a certain funny-looking door would ruin the entire FM. Then I found that a few zombies were frobbable even when scripts WERE loaded. (like what happens when convict and gen aren't loaded in DromEd). Not too much of a problem (find an okay zombie that works and change it's shape/voice/etc), but still very sad that it bugged out the game. Any way to fix these? And any other bugs I should know before continuing?

12th Mar 2003, 00:54
For the zombies add S->Scripts and put in CorpseFrobHack (must spell it exactly).

For the other problem just locate which model and texture DEDX is using and delete it from your install (these'll be somewhere in the obj folder, the model in the base folder and the texture in one of the subdirs), thus Thief will revert back to using the original model and texture..
Plus, it wouldn't, er, 'ruin the entire fm' unless you included it in your mission zip anyway.

12th Mar 2003, 01:25
That's the problem with custom stuff altogther, not just DEDX.

Mainly the prob is that someone used a name that original thief used. This probably should have been changed for DEDX though (just renaming), I'm sure Rob Hicks would add that to the update if you let him know which one it is.

I had this prob when I started making objects, the funniest one was when I made my computer and called the tower "tower". I went into an Fm and instead of a large building there was a 50 foot tall computer tower. Talk about flippin out :)

12th Mar 2003, 16:21
DedX was smart to end everything that was custom with an "X" (ie NewThingyX), but I wish they did it with even textures (so it's easier to point out what is custom for zipping up). The new door doesn't have a texture (I don't think, it's with the model).