View Full Version : Most Emotional Scene in Kingdom Hearts

26th Mar 2013, 07:48
For me I thought no scene could possibly make me choke up as much as the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, when Sora read Kairi's letter aloud and it was the opening words to the first game. Then I unlocked Blank points and that was it. Anyone else?

26th Mar 2013, 08:42
Well Xion dissappearing was really emotional (cept' for Roxas saying "who else will I have ice cream with?") I was like DANG iT you made me care about her SQUARE!!! then you rip her away!!!!!

26th Mar 2013, 23:11
The end of Kingdom Hearts 1 broke me down. When Kairi was back at Destiny Islands at the end of the game and went back to the cave with the drawings. She looks around and sees that Sora added to an older picture they made of each other. Sora was now handing Kairi a Papou fruit. He drew this before everything was destoryed in the beginning of the game. She sees this, sheds a tear (and then so do I), then the game shows half a second of a frame where Kairi added in her hand handing Sora a Papou fruit back. :'(

This makes me want them together, and seems to be my biggest clue to the fact that they love each other, past friend status.

I can't be the only one that thinks this was the saddest moment.

27th Mar 2013, 06:20
no i will not mention my photo below.... lol .... although i also think sora and Namine was cute