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11th Mar 2003, 01:25
Computer and Video Games has reviewed Praetorians and put it up on their site: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/reviews/reviews_story.php?id=88301

They gave the game 80/100 which, if not brilliant, is still pretty good.

I don't think it's a very good review though, since they continually compare the game to Rome: Total War -- a game which isn't even out yet, and won't be out for months! They seem to think Praetorians isn't really deep enough in the combat department, which is personal preference really. I like how I can jump into a Praetorians skirmish and not have to spend an entire afternoon on the game before I finish. So in that case, I guess I can add another 10 points to the score, making it 90/100. :D

11th Mar 2003, 06:07
It's fun to see people or even reviews comparing Praetorians to Rome TW ...

I have played both Shogun and Medieval TotalWar and although the battle phase (in real time) are great, they are rather "rigid" and are more general army mouvement oriented. Eventuelly, this part of TW can be compared to Praetorians.
(PERSONAL NOTE : I don't like MTW. It is supposed to be a better version of STW but ... I don't like it. Praetorians is 1000 times better!)

And now, if u look at the main phase of play of the TotalWar game series ... this is turn based.
It's a totally different type of play, closer to Europa Universialis or Panzer General.

Eventually one can compare Praetorians to Age of Empire, but TotalWar ... I think it is like chess and football and really, u can enjoy both ;)

11th Mar 2003, 07:34
There's a very positive review over at gamingNEXT. They gave it 88/100.


11th Mar 2003, 07:38
that's much better :)

honestly, I come to this game because I read positive things about it (almost all was positives) and the review in the PELIT (finnish game journal) was also VERY positive.

Now I have the game, and I understand why.
This game is good, very good.

I only hope that more players will discover it.
Praetorians' potential is huge !

11th Mar 2003, 08:14
My interest was raised last year sometime when I first heard about the game. I was interested in the Roman focus, so I kept an eye on the game. Since I'm not a big RTS fan though, I didn't follow it very closely. But now I've played the demo, and the absence of resource gathering and base building means this game is much more enjoyable for me than many other strategy games. Pyro made a good move by focusing on combat.

11th Mar 2003, 10:15
I agree with you, Random.

And this is the advantage that Praetorians has over others RTS games.
I think that as soon as it will be "known" in the States (not released for the moment ? right?)
The websites should advertize the game like that.

It is an RTS game ... but not a pure RTS.
a new genre ? "combat oriented RTS" ... ;) ?

That's why, when I play Praetorians, I feel sometimes very close to arcade. It's fun and fast.
in one word : great!

11th Mar 2003, 17:09
I first read about Praetorians ages ago in a magazine although interested didnt find muhc about it, however a few days ago I found that Gamespot was actualyl advertising Praetorians! gamespot is huge hopefully more pople will get interested if they happened to click on the advert for it.

Reviews are great, havent seen any until now and i cant play demo yet because of this PC (its bad) next week ill be able to play the demo on my Bro's PC but till then ill just read the board and reviews :cool:


12th Mar 2003, 01:41
Shamaani, good point in the game possibly being of a new genre, I don't know how many people I've talked to that say that they don't like RTS because of the micromanagement aspect of the game, this game definately gives you that "pure" action feel that it seems like most gamers are looking for.

That's why I strongly recommend that anyone that is a fan of action, RPG, RTS, or whatever to give this game a shot. It provides a good challenge combined with intense battles and strategic planning.

12th Mar 2003, 12:57
Mantis 1230, good point:)

that is exactly what Praetorians is.

Hope we (and/or the developpers) will be able to advertize it enough and in this way, in order to have MORE players.