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8th Mar 2003, 14:42
The game has been out for a while here in Europe so I'll post my review.

Gameplay: 18/20
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Lifetime: 8.5/10 (how long will the game be interesting?)

Total: 87/100
Conclusion: This is a great game!!!!!!!!!

Fans of the RTS genre must buy this. It's original in its genre, it has cool units, civilizations and map types so it is a must have!

8th Mar 2003, 20:29
I agree with u !
(100% d'accord avec toi) ;)

8th Mar 2003, 23:53
Hey, first time posting, im interested in roman hisotry (though know very little probably) and i was wandering how good this game would be (planning on getting it with a new PC) im wandering if there were any detailed reviews? i havent seen any reviews on sites like gamespots though this reader review (as small as it is) is encouraging :D

9th Mar 2003, 06:04
Hi Centurio!

Get the demo, it is the best review ...

or check :

And yes, it is a good game, rather realistic (simulating roman army) although it is a RTS
... but a RTS without buildings (ór very few), mainly based on strategy and army movements.
Great game, yes.
Try the demo!


9th Mar 2003, 16:22
Sounds like its a good change from the majority of RTS games out there-id donwload the demo but im onyl on a 56k modem (lol) and the cpu im using at moment cant run it- im hoping that when i get my new PC in April sometime ill get Praetorians as well :D