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7th Mar 2003, 13:17
ok. We have now a great game, Praetorians.

Now we need to "build" our community through a website, a forum.

Should we use this forum, expand it ?
or should we have a non-official forum and non-official webpage somewhere else ?

All great games have a strong "point" where fans can meet, talk, post strategies ...

7th Mar 2003, 17:33
Yeah, the site design is ready....(design kicks ass), + forums....
I just need ppl to support the site.

7th Mar 2003, 21:10
I will support your site, every day !
I am a HUGE roman time fan, and now I have the game I was waited for a loooonnng time : RTS and Roman ... fun, quick, easy to play, beautiful (graphics) and tactically rich !

We have the game, we have the will to make this game live, we need a forum, a site ... a kind of center for our "empire" ;)

8th Mar 2003, 02:36
I don't know anything about websites, but I'll be there for moral support. :D

Just remember that the game isn't out in the US for another few days yet, but the community should grow after that. I'm in Australia, and the game's not due out here for another week at least. :(

8th Mar 2003, 04:58
Yeah I understand, just keep this thread alive, and eventually the community site dream will be reality.

8th Mar 2003, 06:16
I will that it will be just more than a simple dream.

It would be a totally different thing if Praetorians would have been a lame game, with ugly graphics, no future.

But, in my opinion we have here "gold" in our hands, the game is rich of possibilities.

A web site would be nice for us, present Praetorians fans, but would also work as an "attractor" for new potential players.
At least for me, seeing that a game is well supported by a strong community is important.:rolleyes:

8th Mar 2003, 06:24
I have the game, and im in the US , muahahahahahahahahahahaha, take that, other ppl in the US, muahahahahahhahah (I cant tell u where I got it though) **wink** **wink** errr... uhh... yeah.... **poof**! **Runs out the door** MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH :D :D :mad: :rolleyes: :cool:

8th Mar 2003, 06:28

getting the game this "way" (and we both know how ...) can perhaps help the community, but not the editors/creators of the game ...

back to our topic:
Dharkbayne, what do you think of it ?
Hope you enjoy !

8th Mar 2003, 07:59
I think the game is kickass, and I have told everyone I know about it, trying to get some peeps to play MP with, :)

8th Mar 2003, 08:05
I know what your mean. I have in fact the same problem when playing skirmish (single player) :
I have no real "strategy" nor kind of "build order" ... ah, this game is so rich that we can discuss about strategy, unit vs. unit things ... great.

strategies ! I need strategies !!!!

9th Mar 2003, 02:07
I don't know much 'bout webpages or anything but i'm a big time RTS fan and i know a lotta historical facts from that time period(I'm taking Ancient Civilizations in Grade 11). I'm also interested in online play and the Gauls own :-).

Vercingetorix Ownz You

9th Mar 2003, 08:44
So basically the guys we need are :

1. Webmaster - The organiser
2. Co-webmaster - Co-ordinating stuff with the site
3. Newsposters (2-3 ppl needed) - posting news about the game
4. Moderators - For moderating the forums. (prolly we will select these from the most sensible posters on this forum)

So if you want to be part of the biggest praetorians fansite, just post below with ur details.

9th Mar 2003, 10:07
Hi Rutam.

I am "candidate" ... for which role ? I don't know.
At least for supporting the site and the game.

I can also propose translations of articles in:
finnish and

... colleting STRATEGY articles is also, IMO, VERY important!

In fact, I think that the site should contain :
-standard information about the game.
-strategy articles
-history (Roman army history and real facts)
-download section

I check the internet to found good links.
I will help u and your team.

9th Mar 2003, 15:54
Well yes, an article writer would be an integral part of the site. The Forums will be released before the new site.

9th Mar 2003, 17:35
... and... as have access to internet 24hrs a day, even at work I have time to use it for my own things (shame on me!), do you need a moderator ?

10th Mar 2003, 12:39
Yeah the current TAFN staff is searching for potential moderators.

10th Mar 2003, 13:07
In that case ...
I'm candidate for a "moderator job" too ;)

Contact me :
-this forum
-email: draksen@hotmail.com
-msn messenger: draksen@hotmail.com
(feel free to add my name to your msn messenger!)

Long live Praetorians!


11th Mar 2003, 14:02
Put me in whatever position you need :)

Ghostie2000@hotmail.com for MSN/E-mail