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7th Mar 2003, 06:32
Ok, i recently DL'd the praetorians multiplayr demo, No problems with any civilization but what i "want" to know is: WHAT DO THE EGYPTIANS FREAKING DO!?!?!?!?!

They dont form the turtle, They dont throw stunning rocks, so i give up... What is the special power of the egyptians?


7th Mar 2003, 08:58
They breed as rabbits and most of its basic troops can pray to regain stamina fast.

8th Mar 2003, 10:11
You need a very large army when playing with the Egyptians.

8th Mar 2003, 10:33
Yes the Egy's are very weak compaird to the other two civ's,
so you have to try to outnumber your enemy's units two to one

8th Mar 2003, 10:39
But they have stong cavalry.
Use many archers to support your melees

8th Mar 2003, 11:04
Originally posted by superdroideka
But they have stong cavalry.
Use many archers to support your melees

I'll have to give that a try sd :) though I'm a celt player
at hart. ;) :D

9th Mar 2003, 02:13
Get a huge archer army and mass slaves :D

9th Mar 2003, 16:32
You better mass soldiers and archers

12th Mar 2003, 22:51
Thats helps guys. It's too bad the egyptians dont do anything. They have the coolest buildings and units but no battle power.

Hokey dokey, thats ok i like the barbarians the best anyway!

I like the stones that stun enemies.

Anyway thanks alot


13th Mar 2003, 09:20
Use the prathian cavalry. They kick major ass. Look at mission XIV in the campaign for a good strategy using egyptians. This one really kept me on th edge for a while. I only managed a 400/1250 because I used wicked tactics at the end. Honestly, in this mission, without the praetorians you are dead, roasted meat. :D