View Full Version : monolog says HEY YOU! out of texture slots

6th Mar 2003, 15:33
umm, okay, how do I fix it? I am not using any custom textures, I don't even know how to create custom textures. So what has happened here? This explains why half of my mission is now Jorge, and why no matter how far back I go, there is no textures in those areas. I looked for the snow texture to replace it, and it is nowhere to be found. Please help! Please :confused:

6th Mar 2003, 18:24
You have overloaded the texture palette - the Dark engine can only handle the ~256 textures per level (side note: this number actually seems to be smaller if you use a lot 256x256 textures, but it shouldn't be a problem unless you use a lot of custom textures [and you don't] - and even then Dromed just crashes).

To fix it, load up the texture palette (the alt-T thingy) and remove unwanted textures. Or, better yet, use the console command "clear_textures all" which removes all the unused textures in the level.

I'm not sure if you get the old textures back, though.

6th Mar 2003, 22:36
I compressed the textures, and am now retexturing most of my level. Wow, you get so far, you know? Oh well, at least I didn't lose the whole level:)

thanks, my default.rep kept saying something about "this texture is only used once and its 256x256." Is that a no-no??