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6th Mar 2003, 06:09
I am so upset right now. I have been working so hard, and I had three more things to do and my FM would be done!!!!!:mad:

I tried to run my goals from TOW in dromed, and it wouldn't work. Fine, I thought, I'll do it the old way, no problem. I went to go on menu, my mouse didn't catch it somehow. Suddenly, all these airbrushes were Highlighted. Oh, I thought, I accidentally hit HL unsnapped. No problem. I snapped them. I portalized, optimized, and saved. I ran pathfinding, built room and AI database, saved. I went into my mission to test my recent additions, my plaques weren't working again. No prob, I'll just save, shut down Dromed, and restart Dromed. So I did.

:( :( Now my plaques aren't working again, AND half of my textures are Jorge. They are not even on my texture palette anymore. What happened??????!!!!!!!!! I am so exhausted right now, I am so angry that I have to redo so much. I just don't understand - I've reinstalled Dromed four times so far this year - it just can't be my Dromed. I....I just...:mad:

6th Mar 2003, 06:41
earlier save?

6th Mar 2003, 11:08
Are you using Komag's custom menus? If yes, doing a Quick Optimize/ObjectCast Light makes several backups of the .mis file. Look into your Thief 2 folder for files like backup.mis, postop.mis, or postlght.mis and check if they're intact versions.

6th Mar 2003, 13:54
Eek, surely you have more than one or two saves? It's best to have at least a dozen backups of your mission just to be one the safe side... Learned this the hard way, so it's made me a bit paranoid. Right now my .mis files (mainly backups) alone take up almost a gig of my harddrive. ;)

In addition to the suggestions Eshaktaar made, there is also the p_portal.cow, which is the mission saved without a gamesys specified. I guess it won't be any help to you in this case, as it gets saved when you portalize (or maybe it was when you optimize), but can be good to remember if Dromed crashes unexpectedly and it's been a while since your last save.

6th Mar 2003, 14:45
but no luck, its the same throughout. Its as if those textures have just disappeared. I'll go back further, but so far the textures are just gone. I'll just keep checking, though, a shred of hope remains:) (Like all artists, I am a masochist;) )

Yes, I have Komag's menus, but I have not done quick optimize/lighting because it crashed the last three times I attempted it BEFORE I cut my level in half - I was scared to ever try it again. Maybe I can save some of it, anyway - either way it seems I've been set back quite a bit. Oh well, sh** happens, eh? I can't control it, so I guess I'll just...uh...breathe...LOL:rolleyes:

6th Mar 2003, 19:21
If you use compress_fam all
or is it compress_famliy all ?

anyway that will get rid of unused textures and if you have enough space you can reload the families you're missing and hopefully they will come back.

The good thing is, if you do have to retexture they will be lined up already :)

I really think Dromed is called the "Dark Engine" for its sense of twisted humor, not its shadow casting :(

6th Mar 2003, 22:39
Yeah, I compressed the textures, but I still lost them. Oh well, I'll just have to push my potential release back. The good thing is that most of my things are still okay, although (oddly enough), I also lost all my plaque text again (though the properties are still there) and my patrol points are gone. Welp, off to sacrifice a cow to the Dromed cows.;)

7th Mar 2003, 00:07
Your patrol points are gone? That sounds odd.

8th Mar 2003, 22:08
Well, my monolog claims there are none, but they're there. I just finished retexturing my level, and I must say it was an improvement. What's odd is that some of the patrol points aren't activated until the AI is alerted - and even that is uncertain. So far, only once after alerting the guard she began the patrol - but the other times she didn't. I downloaded and installed DeDx last night, cleaned up my computer, and ran Dromed to retexture. My plaques and books are working perfect now (knock on wood). Just thought I'd update you on the "Adventures of Caradavin and the Dromed Gods." :rolleyes:

On another note, I am extremely close to wrapping up my mission, I am so excited!

8th Mar 2003, 22:24
Originally posted by Caradavin1

On another note, I am extremely close to wrapping up my mission, I am so excited!

I know how you feel.:D

9th Mar 2003, 21:37
Sounds like a bad gamesys...

10th Mar 2003, 22:47
Well, it could have been at first, but I am now using Dedx01.gam. The patrol point issue had to do with the fact that I had the doors locked and my guard had no key. I'm surprised I did not figure that one out sooner. :rolleyes: