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6th Mar 2003, 00:31
Okay, well, I <s>abandoned</s> "paused" my first mission which had all -1 RoomBrushes (if you can solve that problem, post the answer). I went back to an earlier paused project and it all works fine. But now I have a slight problem. I have some stairs room-brushed. All but 2 steps have sounds (I'll even jump on them, and there will be no sound). What's up with that??? And I have an air brush, a small airbrush (door), and another airbrush (all roombrushed fine), but I put a light on one wall of the 1st room. The light seems to pass through the wall (not the doorway) to the other room. What's up with that???

6th Mar 2003, 06:11
My roombrushes are automatically -1 until I build room database. Then they are numbered.

Addition: you have to click off the roombrush you're on after you build the database or it will remain -1, then click back on it and it should have a number, say default room, and have generic eax settings.

6th Mar 2003, 06:44
Yeah, don't worry about the -1's, just the 0's (echo, echo, echo)

How thin is the wall with the light, light might pass thru anything under 2 feet. But it sounds like you just have basic lighting, not raycast or object cast.

raycast is where the light follows the terrain, and gets blocked by it.

object cast is that + it tries to account for objects.

7th Mar 2003, 01:10
Ah, yes, see I have ray-cast going. I'll change that on my release. See the -1 RoomBrush problem is that when I "BuildRoomDatabase", DromEd becomes evil again and shows errors. I don't have double roombrushes or anything... It's no biggy anyways b/c I plan to re-start on the level.

7th Mar 2003, 04:22
type it in the command window

7th Mar 2003, 13:35
really? What does it do?

11th Mar 2003, 05:46
It fixes any bad numbered room brushes..
It fixes any room brushes that got labeled as textures/objects...
Might be waht you need.

11th Mar 2003, 20:25
Thanks Apache! It's exactly what I needed!