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5th Mar 2003, 22:22
Anyone on this mission inthe campaign?

I'm finding it extremely hard to complete.

By the time I get to the fortress, the gate at the back of the fortress has been busted open and the enemy keeps pouring in, wave after wave.

I'm even playing on easy and the computer is brutal! I hate to see hard mode!

6th Mar 2003, 05:37
Same problem here. I have tried everything ..... no way to get to the fortress in time to stop the siege. No way to alert all the allied troops in time ... :confused:

6th Mar 2003, 09:19
The trick is to keep moving. Run south, towards the group of reinforcements (or whatever) near the bridge and river. TRY not to fight the first gaul town, they are too many! When you meet the reinforcements, run to the fortress, fighting as little as you can.

You can always try to reach the fortress with the messenger, evading all enemies. Then you can take command of the defense forces.

6th Mar 2003, 10:04
If you are clever, you can run your messengers up to the fortress straight from the start. Don't go via the first enemy village which is just above where you start though. Then you can start building troops from the fortress barracks.
An alternate method is to immediately take the village just above where you start from, then send your German Cav up to the fortress (hardly any of them should have died if you did it correctly) and defend both doors using them....
Also if you use this method, you can send one of your messengers to some nearby roman troops (should be in blue if civ colors are on in options and fog of war will be lifted around them, eastern side of the map). They will then walk to the fortress and kill some enemies on the way.

6th Mar 2003, 17:05

Your suggestion to run a messenger to the fort right away, worked like a charm. Once I got control of the fort, first thing I did was send out troops to destroy the ram, and then queued up 2 groups of infantry to repair each gate after an attack. Then I queued up 2-3 more groups of archers and the enemy couldn't get any where near the fort :)

Once the fort was heavily defended I queued up guys on horseback and started attacking the enemy's towns.

Thanks for the tips of using the messenger right away.

22nd Mar 2003, 22:29

Have followed your tips, but am still really stuck! Have got the messenger to the fort, have occuppied it, but the ram still get in!!!!

Any more tips would be really helpful..... please!