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5th Mar 2003, 19:00
i was wondering what exactly would be considered a "custom gamesys file that i would need to include in my zipped up version. I have a few custom objects that i imported into my mission "toilet, urinal, sink". Would i need to include my gamesys file in my zipped darkloader version? and would i need to move my .gam file along with my mis file to the Thief2 directory to test it that way? If so, do i need to give it a specific name? or does it not matter? i have a feeling that it needs my .gam file and i am not providing it correctly because it doesn't really even act like its loading, its just instant after i click "continue" in the objectives screen. If somone could give me a clue about all of this it would be really appriciated.

p.s sorry for all the spam posts, im just trying to wrap up the last of my map and then i won't bother you all anymore:)

5th Mar 2003, 19:35
If you added custom objects you need to supply a custom game sys. See zacharias comments in your last post on how to save you game sys and to get your mission to use it. You will have to have it in your zip file. You will also have to include in your zip all the files for the custom objects in the proper directories. If you have any thing custom such as textures, sounds ect you must include those too.

5th Mar 2003, 21:08
As soon as you change properties of objects in the hierarchy (i.e. objects with negative numbers) you need to include the gamesys.

Changes in the gamesys affect all objects that inherit from the changed object (e.g. if you change the material property of Furniture(-10) to metal, all furniture in that branch will be made of metal, except those objects that have their own material property).

Generally, the gamesys is what you see when opening the Object Hierarchy; when creating a new mission in DromEd, Thief's normal gamesys dark.gam is loaded (as indicated in the bottom line). If you add new objects in the hierarchy or modify existing ones, the changes only get stored when you save the gamesys. Otherwise you'll lose this information when you restart DromEd.

The .cow format includes saving the gamesys automatically, but for darkloader they need to be seperated.

If you've only changed objects in your mission by first creating an existing one from the hierarchy and changing its properties in the map, then a custom gamesys won't be necessary.

Hope this could clear things up a little.

6th Mar 2003, 02:51
thanks guys, i will try some of this stuff. Check back here for updates on my problem please. thanks for all your patients


6th Mar 2003, 05:09
The thing is, how did you import those objects? If you can answer that you can answer whether you need a custom gamesys. If you created them through the DEDX gamesys (and you'll know if you did because they would have had an X as part of their name in the object heirarchy) you need to include the DEDX gamesys (or your modified version of it)..however if you merely added the shape->model name property of an existing object (to use the urinal objects) you don't need a custom gamesys.
Either way though, you will need the objects .bin files and skin (texture) files included in the zip you distribute.

6th Mar 2003, 14:50
ok yes. I just added the shape->model name for all of them. So, can you tell me what folders i need to create and where?

Also, i changed the sound for 2 textures from the wood sound to the carpet sound, so if you could tell me what i need to do for that it would be great. Also, do you think this could be causing my problem?

6th Mar 2003, 15:48
If you've got any custom objects/meshes/textures, you need to include them within a directory called like the .crf files in Thief's CRFS folder, e.g. custom textures would be included like this fam/familyname/yourtexture.gif. Look at a zip from one of the FMs to see how it is structured.

Read he last few paragraphs of Komag's DromEd tutorial, there's a good explanation as to what belongs where in your zip to make your FM Darkloader ready.

Changing the sound of certain textures is a change in the hierarchy, so you need to save a custom gamesys according to make these changes permanent.

6th Mar 2003, 17:14
SUCCESS AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for all the help everyone! it works. i had to write up the CustomObj text file and put it in the directory along with the .gam file and it fixed it!!!!!! IT LOADS NOW!!!!!! THANKS A MILLION EVERYONE! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SOO MUCH!


6th Mar 2003, 17:31
Cool! Looking forward to playing your mission.