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5th Mar 2003, 03:35
Ok, i got my map all Darkloader ready and zipped. When i load my map through darkloader and i press play, and go into the objectives screen and press continue. Unlike other missions where you have to watch the gauges load for about 10-15 seconds, instead mine loads instantly after i press the button like its not even loading anything and when the mission starts, its just a pitch black screen with a bright lightgem with no healthshields or anything, and no sound. It does the same thing when i put my miss20.mis file into Thief2 and try it that way. if anyone can tell me how to fix this i would really aprriciate it. I really don't want 6 months of hard work to be down the tubes because of some last minuet retarted problem. If anyone has any clues about this i would really aprriciate it

P.S The gauges load instantly in the objectives screen instead of taking 10-15 seconds to load. THis is my only clue

HELP ANYONE!?!?!?!??!?!??


5th Mar 2003, 05:04
Check your Game Sys file. A bad or missing Game Sys file can cause that exact symptom.
May not be the only thing can do it but one of the things I know will.

5th Mar 2003, 15:13
well, do i have to put my .gam file into the zipped mission folder for darkloader or just the .mis? also, when i go to test it through thief, do i just put my "miss20.mis file into the main thief directory? or do i have to put my .gam file in too? cuz ive just been putting my miss20.mis in. If so, where? thanks


5th Mar 2003, 15:25
could somone point me to a guild (other than Komag's) for getting a .cow file Darkloader ready? I need to double check everything but im not sure where i can find one....thanks


5th Mar 2003, 17:28
If you have a custom gamesys you must distribute it with your .mis fileand it will be unpacked into the base Thief 2 directory, if you're not using a custom gamesys your mission will use the default dark.gam and everyone has this already so there's no need to distribute it.

To save your cow as gam and mis files, first save your gamesys as whatever.gam, then "set_gamesys whatever.gam", then save the mission as a mis file. When you reload the mission file it should load your gamesys with it (presuming it's in the same directory).
Also, there's another setting you must put onto a mission..as well as being named miss20.mis you must also go to Editors->Mission Parameters->Dark Mission Description and fill in both boxes 'Mission Number' and 'Mission Pathname' (eg. you'd put '20' and 'miss20' or whatever number you've used)

5th Mar 2003, 18:05
Tim I sent you a pm