View Full Version : Please Help!

4th Mar 2003, 22:54
i am in the chocobo farm, and the person in the stables is supposed to sell me a lure, but all he will do is sell me greens! what is going on!?

5th Mar 2003, 02:57
Also, my keyboard goes a little strange while playing FF7, it makes me go in 1 direction for about 10 seconds or until i whack my keyboard. anyone else experience this?

13th Mar 2003, 22:47
I think you get the choco lure from the guy inside the house and not the stable.

14th Mar 2003, 16:50
...the joystick....

Do you have a joystick connected to your PC? That could be causing the movement glitch....These types of games work best with a gamepad. You can usually find them for 10 dollars.

And the guy sells you a lure for 10000 gill. But I think there is one hidden outside the stables...or at least that what I've heard. I never bothered finding it myself, to confirm if it's was a rumor.

16th Mar 2003, 10:27
I have also heard there is a lure outside. To the left of the stables, i think. Never checked it out my self either, though..