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4th Mar 2003, 16:51
The only civ. that existed during Ceasar's time (besides Rome, Gaul and Egypt) were the Parthians. Other civs like Greece, Carthage, ... were before or after Ceasar's time!

9th Mar 2003, 19:28
Well that's not quite correct, there were the Spanish, the Dacians,
Numidians,Bithynian's, Indian's, ect sorry to sound like a smart arse but an A' Level in Ancient History is to blame. also the
Egyptians as portrayed in the game are clasical New Kingdom
when in fact by this time they wouls have looked like the Macedonion sucssesor army's of Ptolemaic Egypt. :) ;)

9th Mar 2003, 19:31
I thought they were all defeated before Caesar's time.

9th Mar 2003, 19:38
Originally posted by superdroideka
I thought they were all defeated before Caesar's time.

Most were subdued to some degree or another, but still maintaind
forces to conduct guerilla warfare well into caesar's time :)

9th Mar 2003, 19:42
Were there (besides the Parthians,Barbarians and Egyptians) still "real" civilisations in Ceasar's time.

10th Mar 2003, 06:16
During the time of Julius Caius Caesar, the Empire was rather "small" (comparing to its max expansion 100 yrs later)...

All around the empire there were Celtic civilisations, Germanic civilisations, Euro-asiatic civilisations (parthians for example) and African civilisations.

They were ALL fierce ennemies.

Gaul was celtic, but with its invasion that doesn't mean all celts were defeated !
At this time there were celts from today's France's Bretagne to Austria !

10th Mar 2003, 06:18
and for the "addon possibility" ...

I think that Punic wars (vs. Carthago) would be nice ;)

This was a GREAT CIV ... :)

10th Mar 2003, 23:10
Originally posted by Shamaani
and for the "addon possibility" ...

I think that Punic wars (vs. Carthago) would be nice ;)

This was a GREAT CIV ... :)

Now hear's a guy that knows what's cool, the Punic wars would
be a fantastic add on. Hannibal fort the Romans in Italy for 17 yrs
and IMO, was right up there with Alexander The Great when it comes to Generalship. This would be a great add on Shamaani ;)

11th Mar 2003, 05:48
mmm, yes... think about your legions crushed by a group of ... war-elephant ;) ...

11th Mar 2003, 16:01
Yes, war elephants would be a great

17th Mar 2003, 14:29
I vote for Punic wars too. Lots of troops type (greek-style phalanx, gauls, spanish light infantry, legions.....), lots of theaters of war (Italy, Spain, Sicily, North Africa) and the epic of a struggle for life for Rome.

17th Mar 2003, 16:43
The taking of Carthage would be pretty cool, as would a detailed Germania campaign, that was a brutal time for the Romans. Lots of Guerilla warfare.

15th Apr 2003, 11:28
Huh thats weird-im just reading my new book called THE PUNIC WARS-yeah that would be great for an add on. Fighting in sicily and that, would be great.

15th Apr 2003, 15:14
That would be nice, the game doesnt need to be fully histroically accurate, I dont think they had wolf or eagle scouts then so a little bit of leeway is there already.

Of course chucking in some French soldiers from Napoleans time would be wrong, but in cases where the difference would be one of a few centuries that would be nice.