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3rd Mar 2003, 19:29
Which country and town are you from?I'm from Finland, Kuopio :cool:

4th Mar 2003, 03:08
I live in Auckland, New Zealand!!!!!!!!!1:D

4th Mar 2003, 05:36
I was born in Rochester, NY (USA). I grew up in a small, hick, dairy farm town in western NY called Rushford. And i currently live in Springfield, MO.

4th Mar 2003, 07:58
Ahoy, me maties!

Norway calling over here....

Technically I'm Norwegian.. but the Brit in me tells me otherwise.. lol :p

4th Mar 2003, 16:25
The land of the midnight sun where the polarbear roam the city streets and everyone is born with a pair of skis on their feet. Majestic mountains, great lakes and trolls. Yes, Norway has it all.

4th Mar 2003, 17:29
I'm from all over the England - was born in Maidstone, but currently residing about as far north as possible without venturing into bonnie Scotland, although I spent most of my life somewhere in the middle, a little place called Knutsford, and the best years of my life in Leeds and Paris.

El-Spaz, how big is Rochester? I know 2 guys from Rochester NY who're about the same age as you... I don't want to sound like a total, er... spaz... by asking if you know them and it turns out Rochester is the size of Great Britain!

6th Mar 2003, 05:32
Actually, Rochester is not that big of a city. It has a few skyscrapers, but nothing major...maybe 150,000 people max. Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch and Lomb are based there as are RIT (well known for it's computer enginering, arts and crafts, and photography schools) and U of R (very well known for it's medical research), and a minor league baseball team and major league soccer team (go Rhinos!) but all in all the city doesn't offer that much.

10th Mar 2003, 09:09
But I just saw you didn't actually live there very long right?

11th Mar 2003, 02:36
Originally posted by harry_tippers_love_child
But I just saw you didn't actually live there very long right? I was born and lived there till i was five then i moved back for college and lived in the area for about five more years. I always have considered it to be my home town.

3rd Apr 2003, 20:21
Thunder Bay, Ontario, originally. Toronto now. They're both in Ontario, but Thunder Bay is an 18-hour drive north.

(...yes, Ontario is a big, big province)

16th Apr 2003, 14:32
I'm in Cranston Rhode Island. (That is in America)

16th Apr 2003, 17:42
Im from one of the smallest towns in whole of the Netherlands, its BORING :o but at least I have the time to game!!

Switchblade 69
18th Apr 2003, 09:33
im australian mate! bobs ur uncle

are there any more aussies out there

29th Apr 2003, 06:37
I am in Aus. I live in tassie and we only have 4 tv chanels:eek:

30th Apr 2003, 04:53
we have 5!(if you don't pay that is)

Century Bot
30th Apr 2003, 16:15
I reside in London, don't ya know.

1st May 2003, 19:02
I live in a little peaceful (if you could call it that) town in the middle of Coal Mining Country. It's in West Virginia, USA. I've been livin' here about 4 years.

Oh yeah, my mom says we're plannin' on goin' to London!

24th Dec 2003, 17:59
CANADA! And darn proud of it!:D

20th Mar 2004, 18:27

I'm so lonely....


21st Mar 2004, 17:38
A Dorset (That's down the bottom coast of England) boy through and through oww arrr oww arrr, any others from my stake?

2nd Apr 2004, 20:24
I live in San Marcos, California, USA. It's just an average everday city. Oh, and Arnold Schwarzennagger (or however you spell it) is our Governer!!!! :eek: (in case you guys haven't heard)

4th Apr 2004, 00:18
I live in Oklahoma
.............tumble weed..................

Sebastian Photon
4th Apr 2004, 00:23
I live in Bloomington (Minneapolis) Minnesota. 80,000 people one huge mall no real skyscrapers (thats bloomington not minneapolis)

The Machinist
25th May 2004, 17:56
I live in Lincolnshire, England. All there is, is endless farmland and a few towns and small cities here and there.....this is no place for a machinist!

26th May 2004, 05:48
San Jose, California.

btw-can you not swear at all here

26th May 2004, 10:40
Originally posted by Rbdb1R

btw-can you not swear at all here

If you read the TOU before you clicked the 'I agree' button, you'd know the answer to that, mydear.. But to answer your query; no, you may not swear, spam, harass, flame or slam. Breach of these simple rules may lead to the suspension of your user account..

I don't make the rules dear, it's just my job to make sure everyone bides by them ;)
Oh the whole, they make this place a happy place for all to enjoy and Split.

As I usually say, welcome to the boards, enjoy your stay.. and.. Happy Splitting :D

26th May 2004, 15:40
well I did read it... I just forgot it