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3rd Mar 2003, 13:27
For some reason I can't create special units, like: Praetorians, Gladiaters etc. I first thought that it was just not possible to do this in the first mission (although it was possible in the demo) but my it's also not possible in the next missions so I think it's a bug. I have enough honour points TCP & UCP. So I don't now why it doesn't work.

Any help greatly appreciated :)

3rd Mar 2003, 15:37
when you press on the training button the troops queues on the town? If so, when you hold the mouse cursor over the queued troop what does the tooltip display? Are you sure you have enough citizen on that town?

3rd Mar 2003, 16:59
No, the groups don't queu I can't even see them! I can select archers, scouts etc. but not praetorians, gladiators, because they aren't visible.

Andrex Aurelius
3rd Mar 2003, 17:13
This is intended. The reason that those troops aren't available early on is because the early missions train the player how to use the game using basic troops. As you progress through the missions, more types of troops and siege weapons become available to you.

Additionally, if you were given more powerful troops in the early missions you would completely flatten the enemy. So it's also a balance issue.


4th Mar 2003, 09:22
Ah I understand otherwise it's to make the game more difficult. Can you tell me when they are available? I'm now started playing mission nr. 4.


Andrex Aurelius
4th Mar 2003, 10:33
Originally posted by @m
Can you tell me when they are available? I'm now started playing mission nr. 4.

You have many a long fight ahead of you before the special units will be available...

..but if you want to practice with the special units and siege weapons you can always access them in the Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. :)


4th Mar 2003, 20:27
Thanks, I kick the barbarians butt without special units for now.