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3rd Mar 2003, 06:38
Some body posted as in dromed command for a screen dump. It was something like:

Dump_scr Or Screen_dmp typed in the command box.

I can't remember what it was. It came up in a thread about 3 months ago on Thief screen shots and Dromed screen shots.


3rd Mar 2003, 06:45
You can just take a screenshot while in game mode

3rd Mar 2003, 07:29
Thanks But I want the full Dromed Screen. I don't remember who it was but I've done it a time or two and just plain can't remember the command. Doooh.

3rd Mar 2003, 09:37
while in game mode, hit shift + ;
then type in screen_dump
hit enter
it will save in your Thief directory as ___dump.pcx

3rd Mar 2003, 17:55
Did you want a screen shot or a picture of the Dromed Interface?

If you want the Dromed window you have to click your desktop so Drom's not sleceted but up top, then hit printscreen button on your keyboard, then save in photoprogram.

Munin the Raven
3rd Mar 2003, 18:22
In Windows, if you want to take a screenshot of just one window at a time, hit [Alt]+[Print Screen] and you'll just take a screenshot of the window you currently have active (like the DromEd window).

3rd Mar 2003, 19:48
For every other application that is true, Munin. However the PrtScn button will not work when the main DromEd window is active. The same does not apply to windows within DromEd, such as the Object Heirarchy, Mission Parameters etc. They can be PrintScreened normally.

Therefore Schwaa2 is the winner of the 'find the answer to the obscure DromEd specific problem that contradicts everything that an experienced computer user believes in' competition.

Munin the Raven
3rd Mar 2003, 19:50
Why would it be disabled like that? I'll have to see for myself when I install Thief and DromEd again.

3rd Mar 2003, 20:28
Thanks all, I know all of the above.

The comment was made by a Dromedeer, in a thread about how to screenshoot, Thief screens.

The subject then turned to Dromed, and after a lot of discussion, someone said, just type "screen_dump" or some such in the command box on the Dromed window.

It works, and I have used it. It does the same thing as Print SCR key but dumps a full DROMED window (Complete with all 4 working windows and the bottom row of boxes and etc) into the Thief folder just like a PIX but as a DMP.

3rd Mar 2003, 21:01
Awesome. I just made my maps too, that would've been helpful.

3rd Mar 2003, 21:51
Oh, now I see what you mean. Well, on my computer I didn't know how to do in-game screen dumps, so I used my print scr button on the keyboard and got the whole Dromed interface. I pasted it on a project in my MGI Photosuite program and saved it as an image. It worked fine.

4th Mar 2003, 05:05
Found it. If you use SCREEN_DUMP in the command box, you get a full DROMED SCREEN. All working areas, all the boxes and the command box.

It gets saved as a PIX in your thief folder.

I knew it was something like that.

You can verify all XYZ, HDW etc and any other current info that shows normally on the DROMED screen.

LOL. It's so damn simple, why I forgot I don't know.:o

5th Mar 2003, 00:57
the tab key is quite useful in the dromed command box. example type "s" in the box then hit tab and whatever is under s should come up...anytime you forget a command you can try that.