View Full Version : Ninja: Shadow of Darkness

3rd Mar 2003, 03:39
i didn't see a forum for this game... doesn't really surprise me ;) it seems fun, but it can be pretty difficult. Any of you guys played it?

3rd Mar 2003, 06:57
shadow of darkness?? can't say that I have... would you happen to have a link to the site?

3rd Mar 2003, 07:12
it's an eidos / core release, copyright 1998 (ps one)

Ninja: Shadow of Darkness

so i'll give you the website it shows on the back... http://www.eidosinteractive.com


i'm dying an awful lot, and it's hampering my enjoyment of the game, because it's based on moving diagonally mostly instead of left right forward and back... otherwise i wouldn't mind starting over and correcting my mistakes. it's got a TON of levels. when i first bought it my friend was playing it using the level skip cheat codes, and it seemed there was no end....

4th Mar 2003, 00:38
try www.gamewinners.com or www.gamefaqs.com ... I found they had good stuff for PC (never searched for consoles...)... you might want to give those a try...

4th Mar 2003, 01:07
yeah i primarily post on gamewinners already ;) since oct 2k2... i just wanted to talk about 'ninja' and stuff :) i don't need walkthrough assistance, it's just a frustrating game...

4th Mar 2003, 03:48
I see... well. i hope you find someone to talk about how frustrating this game can be :)